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Indie Rock Intro w radiu The Cymbaly - Demo (

The Futureheads - Hounds of Love

Indie Rock w radiu (

Kasabian - Empire

One Of Kasabians Best Song. Truly a Masterpiece.

Kasabian - Fire

"The official video for Kasabian\'s new single, Fire, released June 1st. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum is released June 8th."


Great Video Alternative kasabian Club Foot Video again by paul Bogard and richard vyse watch OUT spielberg!!!

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

"Alex Kapranos of the band commented - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is music of the night: to fling yourself around your room to as you psyche yourself for a night of hedonism, for the dance-floor, flirtation, for your desolate heart-stop, for losing it and loving losing it, for the chemical surge in your bloodstream. Its for that lonely hour gently rocking yourself waiting for dawn and it all to be even again. Directed by thirtytwo"

Kasabian - Underdog

"Underdog, first track of the new Kasabian album´s (West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum)."