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Counter Strike


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Owned CS noob

A fun movie where a noob is playing CS. Made by:[myg0t] Stoned Grilla

Counter-Strike 300

Counter-Strike 1.6 Get In First Aim us @ ExceedCS if you want to tryout for our team! OR connect to one of our public servers and ask an admin ip

Counterstrike in REAL

Counterstrike in REAL: a funny movie about cs in real :)

Counter-Strike For Kids (Machinima)

"In this humorous mock spoof commercial, a fake retail mod called Counter Strike For Kids is showcased, in which the material of CS Source is replaced with child-friendly objects and colors. Followed by two sketches. This is not meant to be taken seriously, so leave any seriousness at the door. Enjoy!"

Kuba PRO
festiwal po[je]bow
Counter strike+Dziecko neo na serwie :]
DonGURALesko w Counter-Strike!
Counter Strike: Grzechy
Counter-Strike: WINDA (+18)


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