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The Sims 2 Big Brother Episode 1 Part 1

"*READDD*Well this is my first episode of my new series Big Brother :P it may suck its just because im not use to this and if your wondering how i got 10 people in a house i just put 1 family of 8 and used tombstone of L and D and i did add neighbor to family and added the 3 other house guests pretty easy :p and since this is my first time doing this kind of moving making please take it easy :P im dong it for fun, and peoples you got to believe me making this series is actually way easier ..."

Barbie Girl - Aqua - The Sims 2

" Click the link over to see how an 18 year old makes over $428 per day through cell phones... This is the craziest thing I have ever seen.. It\'s so freaking cool! Barbie Girl... This video is done just for fun... And for you that think I\'m gay, I\'m not. It\'s just that the song is kind a catchy. Hair and clothes from Well I hope you liked it."

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hi my name is bibi on my chanel if you want see any movie of your interest just send me a message to my chat line

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Utworzony: 2009-06-27

"Są tutaj prezentowane wszystkie filmy mojego autorstwa oraz innych osób, którzy należą do SWGT."

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