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Lego Territory

Enemy territory lego cover. Beta1

Lego Territory 2


Ode to Wolfenstein

"SUGGESTION: Click on \""High Quality\"" and watch in \""Full Screen\"" mode for best viewing pleasure. An semi-old movie I made. Done.. oh.. mid-2007, I think. Sissy & Eggbert (From each gave it a 10/10. Maybe Youtube won\'t shut down this video if I list every single damn song/sound-clip used in this. You hear that Youtube? You can type in the name of a band and find a hundred videos of them, either just the song or their own music video, but apparently my \""10 second clip ..."

RTCW Idiot

Das Game kann sehr komplex sein...

RTCW German Soldier Dancing

RTCW German Soldier Dancing in Assault.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory@kani


Wolfenstein Enemy Territory fragmovie

An enemy territory fragmovie