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"Telewizja dla graczy GameBoy Live wieczorem, lub w środku dnia."


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Let\'s Play Wario Land 03 - Bowser... erm Boss 1

Does he not look like a distant relative of Bowser?

100 GBA games in 10 minutes

GAME LIST HERE...... the GBA belongs to NINTENDO Well Since the GBA is out of production i was thinking of giving it a little Tribute (Got the ideea from laffer35) Music used: 1)Rammstein-Ich Will(00:00-03:37) 2)Kamelot-Farewell(03:38-07:19) 3)Disturbed-The Sickeness(07:19-10:00) Games: 1)Pokemon Ruby (0:00) 2)Sonic Advance (0:07) 3)Chu Chu Rocket(0:13) 4)Mario VS. Donkey Kong (0:19) 5)Gunstar Super Heroes (0:25) 6)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (0:31) 7)Ninja Five-O (0:37) 8)Naruto Ninja ...


just playin this on gba emulator

Game Boy Color

The first color Game Boy finally hits the streets in late 1998.

The First Gameboy Commercial

About Nintendo Gameboy

Classic Game Room HD - DONKEY KONG for Game Boy review

"Classic Game Room HD reviews DONKEY KONG for Game Boy from 1994. This is one of the best Nintendo games ever created, and certainly one of the best Donkey Kong titles. Battle your way through 100 levels to save your lady friend from the clutches of Donkey Kong. Amazing action, strategy and replay value await you in this classic title which is regarded as one of the best Game Boy video game cartridges. This CGRHD review of Donkey Kong Gameboy from 1994 has gameplay footage from Donkey Kong ..."