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Fifa 2009 - Oficjalny Trailer

Oficjalny trailer z Komputer Świat Gry.

Ballada Counter Strike\'owa! [www MartinLechowicz pl]

"Ballada o człowieku, którego wciągnął Counter-Strike i grał po nocach na de_dust2. Piosenka napisana na okoliczność niedawnego zakazu publicznej gry w CS wydanego przez niemieckie władze. Składam przy okazji niemieckim urzędnikom, którzy wydali ten zakaz, szczere życzenia rychłego powrotu rozumu."

Gothic 2 - odc.1

"A oto moje \""dzieło\"" które powstało już jakiś rok temu. To nie jest żadna parodia, przeróbka, ani niz z tych rzeczy. To coś w rodzaju Gothic Der Film, tyle że w realiach Gothic 2. Całość trwa 3 godziny i 17 minut, postanowiłem to podzielić i wrzucić jako serial spod znaku GX :) Film ma kilka różnych baboli, np. to że cały dźwięk był nagrywany bezpośrednio z gry, więc muzyka czasem urywa. Tylko w co ważniejszych scenach dorzuciłem coś z soundtracku Gothica 2 i 3. Poza tym obraz i dźwięk też ..."

Gothic 3 Intro


Gothic 3

Gothic 3

Gothic IV Arcania: A Gothic Tale

G4 Arcania ~ Teaser

Crysis - Radeon HD4850 Test

"After hearing about the new radeon series premiering earlier this week, I checked benchmarks and needless to say, they honestly rape the competition in terms of price/performance. My rig now features a Radeon HD4850 video card. This is an in-game crysis test Settings All graphical settings on HIGH DX9 settings 2x In-Game Anti-aliasing 16x Catalyst Forced Anisotrophic Filtering 1440 x 900 Resolution SpecsAMD Athlon 5600+ X2 Dual Core OC\'d to 3.1 GHz 2 GB DDR2 RAM ( PC2-6400 @ 800 OC\'d 915 MHz ..."

New Crysis gameplay video

Shows Jack ripping through a solider infested village. My PC is going to choke and die on this...

Crysis Launch Trailer

Launch trailer for EA/Crytek\'s new FPS Crysis.

Risen Trailer

"Here comes the first trailer of Risen, the upcoming RPG of Piranha Bytes and Deep Silver."

Need For Speed History (1995 - 2008)

"1. NFS 1 (SE). 2. NFS 2 (SE). 3. NFS: Hot Pursuit. 4. NFS: High Stakes. 5. NFS: Porsche Unleashed. 6. NFS: Hot Pursuit 2. ?. Motor City Online (RIP) 7. NFS: Underground. 8. NFS: Underground 2. 9. NFS: Most Wanted. 10. NFS: Carbon. 11. NFS: Pro Street. 12. NFS: Undercover. 13.1. NFS: SHIfT (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP) 13.2. NFS: Nitro (Wii & DS) 13.3. NFS: World Online EA announced that Need for Speed SHIFT will feature 18 authentic race tracks and over 65 pixel-perfect cars ..."

Far Cry 2 IED Explosion

Video of IED going off. *Note* This video wasn\'t taken by me. Video by SS4Real from all credit goes to him.

"Far Cry 2 - \""Money, Diamonds, and Blood\"" (Game Trailer)"

FAR CRY 2 : The latest trailer for Far Cry 2.

"Far Cry 2 \""Comparison\"" Trailer (HD)"

"FAR CRY 2 : A new trailer for Far Cry 2 comparing the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. NOTE: To watch in high-definition, click the \""watch in high quality\"" link."

"Far Cry 2™ - \""Immersion\"" Trailer"

A new trailer for Far Cry 2™ showing how immersed in the game you will be.

Ferrari Virtual Race - F430 Gameplay Onboard [SD]

Ferrari Virtual Race - F430 Gameplay Onboard [ Related Entry ] [ My Blog ]

The Sims 2 Trailer!

"The Sims 2 trailer, like the one some of you may have seen with Makin\' Magic. Just fun to look back and see how different the game is now compared to the trailer. :-P ETA: I did not make this trailer. EA/Maxis did. ETA Again: I have no idea what the name of the song is. Sorry. Edit: Apparently the song in the video is Recombo DNA - Devo."

The Sims 2 Apartment Life Trailer

THE SIMS 2 : The Sims 2 Apartment Life Trailer

The Sims™ 2 FreeTime Official Trailer

"Reward your Sims with a variety of fun, new activities in The Sims 2 FreeTime! Check out for more details."

The Sims 3 Intro Short

A day in the life of the inhabitants of Sunset Valley.

The Sims 3 - Official Trailer

Title: The Sims 3 Release Date: 2 June 2009 Platforms: PC|Mac|iPhone|iPod Touch|Mobile Devices Label: EA Games Genre: Life Simulation Age Rating: T (Teen)

"Return of the Trek Guys, The Sims 3 Parody"

"The Sims, the final frontier.."

The Sims 3 TV Spot

Let There Be Sims.

The Sims 3 - E3 2008 Debut Trailer (HD)

THE SIMS 3 : by EA/Maxis The Sims 3 E3 2008 Debut Trailer

The Sims 3 Riverview Trailer

"Get an exclusive, free bonus town with the official The Sims 3 game. What secrets will you uncover in the seemingly sleepy little town of Riverview?"

The Sims™ 3 - Producenci odpowiadają #1

"The, Sims, sztuczna, inteligencja"

The Sims™ 3 - producenci odpowiadają #2

The Sims™ 3 producenci odpowiadają #3

"The, Sims™, 3, producenci, odpowiadają, #3"

The Sims™ 3 - Producenci odpowiadają #4

The Sims™ 3 Producenci odpowiadają #5

"Kolejny odcinek producenckich pogawędek - tym razem Ben Bell przedstawia kreator The Sims 3, a pozostali członkowie załogi opowiadają o związkach między Simami, ich emocjach oraz o rozwoju postaci."

The Sims™ 3 - producenci odpowiadają #6 http

The Sims™ 3 - Producenci odpowiadają #7 http

3DMark 99 MAX

The 3DMark 99 MAX demostration

3DMark 2000 (60 FPS)

"The demo mode of 3DMark 2000. 60 FPS (YouTube allows it, though on slow PCs the Flash player can skip frames.) High quality version of this video: (H.264/AVC 640x480, 60FPS, Ogg Vorbis)"

3DMark 2001 Demo

Zum Hinzufügen einer Beschreibung klicken...

3DMark 2005 Demo

Zum Hinzufügen einer Beschreibung klicken...

3d Mark 06 - Demo 1

3d Mark 06 - Demo 1

3d Mark 06 - Demo 2

3d Mark 06 - Demo 2

3d Mark 06 - Demo 3

3d Mark 06 - Demo 3

Need for Speed CARBON Evade Cops

Need for Speed CARBON evade the cops

Need for Speed CARBON Full Intro

Need for Speed CARBON Intro (full version)

Need for Speed Carbon - Taking on Darius

"Well, I beat the game today. Finally got round to it. Didn\'t record the first race against Darius... I should have done, it was close. I had af**k up on lap 1 and only just got it back. Anyway, this is the second race. Bitch got owned. Didn\'t even need to race part 2."

Need For Speed Pro Street - First Look

Official First Look at Need for Speed ProStreet In Stores November 14

Need for Speed Pro Street - E3 2007 trailer!

Need for Speed Pro Street E3 2007 Developer Walkthrough

Need For Speed Undercover Trailer

Official Trailer for Need for Speed Undercover. Check out

Need For Speed Undercover Tri-City Bay

"The world of Undercover, Tri-City Bay. Check out"

Need For Speed Undercover Police Chase

Itll take some big moves to stop him now. Check out

Need for Speed Undercover

The first Need for Speed:Undercover Teaser!!! Which road to take?

Need for Speed SHIFT Teaser

"The first look at the new Need for Speed SHIFT. The game will be released on September 17th in Europe and September 22nd in North America and will be available for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP."

Need For Speed Shift - Teaser Trailer HQ

Official teaser trailer for the upcoming Need For Speed: Shift (HQ available)

Need for Speed Shift - E3 Trailer [HD]

"From June 2nd to 4th the E3 Expo takes place in Las Vegas. For this occasion EA published the E3 Trailer of NFS Shift, showing more gameplay of the game and new cars."

Assassin\'s Creed

The new trailer for Assassin\'s Creed.

Assassin\'s Creed PC gameplay maxed 8600GT

"assassin\'s creed pc using GF 8600GT 512 mb intel core 2 duo E4500 @ 2.20 GHz 3gb of ram CAN YOU RUN IT? visit NOW, if you want to know if you can run it. choose assassin\'s creed from the list. the page will scan your hardware and you will get a answer if u can or if u can\'t run it. if ur PC passes the recommended req\'s. , then you can run it on this is clear and stop asking if you can run the game. non-OFFICIAL system requirements. minimum ..."

Assassin\'s Creed 2 E3 Commented Gameplay

Watch gameplay from the E3 of Assassin\'s Creed 2 commented by Patrice Desilets. For more details and videos check out

Assassin\'s Creed 2


Call of Duty What You Didn\'t See

"A humorous video made by Drewster61008 and Moshingmachine99 featuring Call of Duty:United Offensive. Enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out the other videos too. Call of Duty What You Didn\'t See 2: Call of Duty What You Really Didn\'t See Deleted Scenes: and the trailer for the upcoming vid:"

Call of Duty 4: Anathema (Machinima)

"CALL OF DUTY 4 MODERN WARFARE : Created by SgtPadrino My second COD 4 movie. It follows the Chernobyl mission, and as I\'m not some kind of modding whiz MacMillan ends up doing everything himself :) Music was used from Behind Enemy Lines, Spy Game, and Rainbow Six (original,) and all of the sound effects were added by hand in editing (for which Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 was used.)"

Call of Duty 4 Gun Sounds! -

"Subscribe: WOAH! #1 Most Viewed CoD4 Video on YouTube! 6 Million views! Warning! This video may cause Epilepsy(seizures)! Please watch at your own risk. First off, I made this video. I do not play Call of Duty 4 or any other..."

Call of Duty: World at War Shi no Numa DLC Trailer [HD]

Developer: Treyarch Release: 6/11/2009 Genre: FPS Platform: PS3/X360/PC Publisher: Activision The newest DLC for Call of Duty: World at War. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:

Call of Duty: World at War Review

"It\'s back to the \""good\"" war."

Call of Duty: World at War Trailer (HD)

CALL OF DUTY WORLD AT WAR : The first trailer for Call of Duty: World at War.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

The boys are back and they\'re going to get in trouble.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 first in-game teaser trailer (direct capture)

This aired during the Magic/Celtics NBA playoffs game on TNT 5/10/09.

Official FIFA 10 Trailer #1

The first official FIFA 10 trailer released by EA SPORTS.

Fear Gameplay

"Gameplay przerażającej i zarazem świetnej gry strzelanki,ta jak i gra Aliens versus Predator 2 to najbardziej według mnie przerażające gry.W gameplay będą takie sceny:P sorki za \""niepłynność\"" gry ale wiecie,taki sprzęt,sam sie zdziwiłem że na zintegrowanej grafice na frapsie osiaga 8-12 klatek:P UWAGA! NIE OGLĄDAJ TEGO W NOCY!!! :D:D"


"Chcesz dowiedziec się jak wygląda gra FEAR z dzisiejszej perspektywy? Oglądnij, a sam się przekonasz"



F. E. A. R. zakończenie gry Single Player [Morti]

"Zakończenie gry FEAR - płatnego odpowiednika FEAR Combat który umożliwia rozegranie całej kampanii pełnej akcji, przygody i horroru."

Risen - Intro [PL]

Risen - Intro

Risen Launch Trailer [HD]

Risen Launch Trailer [HD] Developer: Piranha Bytes Release: 10/2/2009 Genre: RPG Platform: X360/PC Publisher: Deep Silver Website: Risen is an RPG set during medieval times on a massive volcanic island. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO

Gramy w Risen - pierwsze kroki na wyspie -

Łakomy kąsek dla fanów serii Gothic. Zobacz jak wygląda początek rozgrywki w jednej z najbardziej oczekiwanych gier RPG tego roku. Materiał pochodzi z serwisu:

Gramy w Risen - wędrówki po mieście -

"Miasto portowe w pełnej krasie Zapraszamy do obejrzenia drugiej części gramy z Risen. Tym razem zwiedzamy główne miasto, opowiadamy o przygodach, o rozwoju postaci oraz o niebagatelnych umiejętnościach pływackich głównego bohatera. Materiał pochodzi z serwisu:"