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Teledyski Michaela Jacksona - kanał poświęcony Królowi POPu


Michael Jackson - Bad (LIVE)

BAD - koncert

Michael Jackson - Speed Demon Dance

Speed Demon Dance

I just cant stop Loving

I just cant stop Loving

Leave me alone
Smooth criminal ( Moonwalker )
Human Natury (LIVE)
They don\'t care about us (pirson version)
Come Together
Michael Jackson Liberian Girl

Michael Jackson Liberian Girl

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

"Music video by Michael Jackson performing Earth Song Song: Earth Song Album: HIstory Past,Present and Future (C)1995 EpicRecords/Sony BMG To see more Michael Jackson videos go on my page or on"

Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel (long version)

"Long version of Michael Jacksons videoclip \""The Way You Make Me Feel\"""

Michael Jackson - you are not alone (live from korea 1999)

"This song makes me mourn, I feel when I hear the butterflies in the stomach"

Michael Jackson & Paul Mccartney - Say Say Say

Michael Jackson & Paul Mccartney - Say Say Say. Music video

Michael Jackson - In The Closet

Michael Jackson - In The Closet

Heal the world (live)

This the the live version of the song

Michael Jackson Remembered.... (HD)

"I guess as soon as I heard the news, I knew it was news, and I think for the very first time our news division really felt like journalist. Michael Jackson is a man that has touched millions, and BlackTree TV felt obligated to be there to report from the ground what the people were feeling right at that moment. Nobody was expecting Michael Jackson to leave us so soon, everybody was anticipating his comeback tour and here we all find ourselves, people of all creeds, religions, nationalities ..."

Michael Jackson - Earth Song (Official Video Full HD)

"Best Of Michael Jackson All fans on the world never forget you. RIP Michael This is the official video for the song ``Earth Song´´ by Michael Jackson, King Of Pop This video is in high definition (Full HD) On 25 June 2009 clock 14:26 local time Michael Jackson dies in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, the cause of death is still unknown."

We Are The World
Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow

"This is MJ at his best... I Love this song, MJ is the King of pop"


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