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Justice vs Simian - We are Your Friends

A great and true song by Justice and Simian. They are definitely your friends.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Downtown / Ed Banger) Nominated for MTV VMA video of the year From the album \'Cross\'

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains - A Take Away Show

"Article in French here : Article in English here :,4532 A friends friend let us into an abandoned wing of the Grand Palais. There were empty spaces, as if abandoned at short notice, unreasonably high ceilings. The perfect place for the Fleet Foxes. / Produced by Chryde and La Blogotheque : / Directed by Vincent Moon : / Edited by Lucas Archambault / Sound by JB ..."

The Strokes - You only live once HQ high quality video n sound calidad en video y sonido

HQ high quality video n sound calidad en video y sonido---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ muerte...

Chester French - She Loves Everybody

Chester French - She Loves Everybody I do not take any credit for She Loves Everybody.

Justice - DVNO

DVNO by Justice (c) 2007 Ed Banger Records Under Exclusive License to Because Music/WEA International

Sebastien Tellier - Look

"A Homemade Video for \""Look\"" off of 2008\'s Sexuality. As seen on TV!!!"

Crystal Castles - Vanished [video]

cutted for respect of owner rights. fan video directed by Jò.

Justice ft Uffie - The Party

uffie of course

We Are Scientists - After Hours

A wild new type of video that really probably changes the face of videos pretty permanently. Buy After Hours from itunes: Become a Brain Thrust Master

Dj Mahdi-Lucky Boy
Bat For Lashes - Pearl\'s Dream (HD)

"Official HD Promo Video for Bat For Lashes\' fantastic new single \'Pearl\'s Dream\', taken from the new album \'Two Suns\'. For more information on Bat For Lashes, visit the Official Website at"

The Presets - A New Sky (Good Copy)

"A song from The Presets album \""Apocalypso\"" Lyrics: Over and outside And under Over a new sky I wonder I\'m on my way getting pulled to the light Baby don\'t know baby don\'t see you Baby wont fear tonight Clearing my eyes \'cause it\'s so hard to see If a girl were to come up way with me And it\'s alright it wont be long You feeling something So wont you come outside with me? And it\'s alright sing like a song And now you\'re flying So wont you come and fly with me? Over and outside And under Over a ..."

The Shins - Australia

"The Shins new video for \""Australia\"" is the second video from their recent album Wincing The Night Away. Directed by Matt Mccormick this video encapsulates all of the playful awesomeness you love about the shins in one wonderful package."

The Black Ghosts \'Repetition Kills You\'

Download the album from Itunes now: Or get the CD from Play now... Video Made by Skill Wizard and Lamo Edited by Jim Demuth


This is the video Je Veux Te Voir of Yelle!!

Jim Noir - Happy Day Today

Great song called Happy Day Today.

Band Of Horses - Our Swords

"Easy Street Records, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA, October 08, 2007. Another NWT Recording Easy Street Records hosts a record release performance by Band Of Horses celebrating the release of their second album, Cease To Begin."

the presets - if i know you

the presets - if i know you

The Black Ghosts - Full Moon

"The Black Ghosts - Full Moon Get the Black Ghosts album from HMV: Or from Itunes: This Short film was commissioned and curated by Cult-Geist. To watch the other short films that were commissioned as part of this project, covering all of the tracks on The Black Ghosts album, visit Video Credits: Director: John Clegg Location: Berlin, Germany Format: Super 8 Curated by Cult-Geist..."

La Roux - Quicksand

"La Roux\'s video from her debut single \'Quicksand\', out now on Kistune!"

Visage-Fade to Grey
Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe [HQ]

Official Music Video. Directed By

Katy Perry - Hot N\' Cold ( Yelle Remix ) Video HQ

Katy Perry - Hot N\' Cold Yelle Remix Video

Fever Ray \'When I Grow Up\'

Directed by Martin de Thurrah Music by Fever Ray: \'When I Grow Up\' taken from the album \'Fever Ray\'

Santigold - L.E.S. Artistes (Official Music Video)

directed by Nima Nourizadeh

"Yeah Yeah Yeahs - \""Soft Shock\"""

I love this song & I absolutely love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Enjoy!

"The Raconteurs \""Steady, As She Goes\"""

the new video from The Raconteurs

Ed Banger Rec Volume 3 Mix

"A teaser from the new album Ed Rec Volume 3, released in may 2008. Mixed by Feadz. Tracklist: Busy P - To Protect And Entertain Mr. Flash - Over The Top Uffie - Robot Oeuf Justice - Stress (Auto Remix) SebastiAn - Dog Mr. Oizo - Minuteman\'s Pulse Krazy Balhead - No Cow, No Pow So_Me - Decalcomania Feadz - Back It Up DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano DSL - Find Me In The World I did not make this music."

Cut/Copy - That Was Just A Dream

Cut/Copy - That Was Just A Dream

YELLE - Qui est cette fille ? (Robyn cover for Itunes Foreign Exchange)

The Knife - Pass This On


Sebastien Tellier - Roche *OFFICIAL VIDEO*

"« Jai longtemps passé mes vacances ici à Biarritz. Si je voulais séduire, je passerais cette chanson, une version européenne, française, de lenvoûtement sexuel que procure le rnb américain.» Sebastien Tellier Roche cest le rayon de soleil de lhiver, une ode a la sensualité où Sebastien Tellier fantasme sur des filles en bikini, comme dans le générique classe dun Alerte à Malibu français. On soublie, et on fantasme avec lui sur ces corps bronzés a moitié nus quon ne reverra pas en vrai avant ..."

Justice - Genesis (HQ)

"Justice is a French electronic music duo consisting of Gaspard Augé (born 21 May 1979) and Xavier de Rosnay (born 2 July 1982). The duo is the most successful group on Ed Banger Records and is managed by the label\'s head, Pedro Winter, who is better known as Busy P. Justice is known for incorporating a strong rock influence into their music and image."

Klaxons - Its Not Over Yet


Santigold - Lights Out (Official Music Video)

directed by Kim Gehrig

Chew Lips - Solo

New single from Chew Lips titled \'Solo\'. Out on Kitsune soonish.

Lykke Li - Little Bit

"Copyright belongs to 60frames.. From the album Youth Novels LYRICS : hands down i\'m too proud for love but with eyes shut it\'s you i\'m thinking of but how we move from A to B? it can\'t be up to me \'cause you don\'t know eye to eye thigh to thigh i let go i think i\'m.. a little bit, a little bit a little bit in love with you but only if you\'re a little but, a little bit, a little bit in lo-lo-lo-lo-love with me oh ooo-ooo... and for you i keep my legs apart and forget about my tainted heart ..."

The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning (MUSIC VIDEO)

"Animated Music Video for Whitest Boy Alive\'s \""Burning\"" (directed by Daniel Mercadante)"

The Submarines: Epic Tour Movie.

"before we went on the road in april we bought one of those little flip video cameras. here\'s some footage that we pasted together against \""xavia\"". the shows were the first we played with our new drummer, jason stare, and it was such a blast. we\'ll do our best to keep on top of these postings during the upcoming tours this spring and summer. Please visit for touring information."

Phoenix - Too Young - Orginal Verson

Disclaimer: This song and it¨s rights belong to WMG. I do not own the song. I am not making any profits on this movie and only have it for entertainment purpose. Aritist: Phoenix Tittel: Too Young This is the orginal verson

Bat For Lashes - Whats a Girl To Do

Great video from new Parlophone signings Bat For Lashes for the next single \'Whats a Girl To Do\'

The Heavy - Set Me Free
Editors - Camera (SebastiAn Remix)

"BEST TRACKS ONLY! I love Minimal, Techno and House Music! --LYRICS-- Look at us through the lens of a camera, does it remove all of our pain? If we run they\'ll look in the back room, where we hide all of our feelings."

The Beta Band -Assessment-

Connection: the beta band + 2001 space odyssey + philosophical existence + where we go?

PHOENIX / Lisztomania

"official music video for \""Lisztomania\"" by PHOENIX"

Crystal Castles - Untrust Us


La Roux - In For The Kill

New video for In for The Kill from La Roux

Lykke Li - Let it fall

"Lykke Li - Let it fall Brought to you by: http// Sorry about the sound, blame youtube. And.. the discussion about how to pronounce her name, I give you this: She says it herself, it\'s Lykke Li."

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

"Video for Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work. Director: Brian Philip Davis, Director of Photography / Grading: Ryan Kernaghan, Art Director: Anna McCaughtry"

Metronomy - Heartbreaker

Brand new video for the new single \'Heartbreaker\' from Metronomy. Directed by Daniel Brereton for Warp Films