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"""nostale tv info""to kanał poświęcony informacji z nostale[oraz reklam]"


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holly rayman

"jak widzicie nadałem program nie odpowiedni lecz to jest reklama gry \""rayman\"" szczeże polecam"

NosTale Dance Party

NosTale Dance Party

Nostale-Charakter Sp 1-4

"Alle SP Katen von Bogi, Swordi, Magia"

Nostale ACT 3


Nostale 4th specialist

"Nostale 4th specialist ----- Dark Gunner ,Berserker and Wild Keeper. Song ~ beat city"


its a great new game coming out this march

NosTale - Doo Daa

"Rivisitazione della canzone dei Cartoon, Doo Daa, cantata dai personaggi di nostale. Preso dall\'idea di Konata (RozenStudio). Buona Visione"

Nostale - Global

"Official trailer of the MMORPG, Nostale. Visit Nostale\'s website at"

Nostale 4/15CB TW

Nostale 4/15CB TW

NosTale - Cuby Raid

"I was invited when i sayd: \""I put the Raid on Youtube!\"" And i wanted to use my Blade SP, but Warriors are so much better in that Raid. Leader was C_18. btw. Sorry for my bad english, but i\'m german."

Nostale - Death Note

"My Brother asked me, if we could make a video together. And so we did. Song : The World (Death Note Opening 1 - Full Version) Story: A brother and a sister lived happily together. Xendra && Ninjateen. But there life wasn\'t always easy. Bounty hunter chased them all the time, because the siblings killed people to live out. One day, the little sister was taken ill. Her brother looked for a cure for this illness. But he found nothing. Days and nights the girl rest in her bed. And Ninjateen saw ..."

Nostale - NewYears Party (UK)

"HIGH QUALITY: Nostale (UK) has a dance party to celebrate the new year of 2009. All images and audio belong to their rightful owner (c) The editings in this visual belongs to KoreannPride (c) 2008-2009 Note: In the video when Jackie Chan and his uncle comes out - That was totally random, I used to watch that cartoon when I was about 6 and that reminded me of them so there. [-Note-] Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \""fair ..."

Nostale Warrior doing Second Jajamaru Time Space Part 1

"Kovado (combat level 45, job 42, warrior card level 21) doing the Second Jajamaru Time Space with an Excellent +4 Elvin Knighht, and a 50% fire fairy. PS forgot to add links My site: Nostale Global\'s site:"

Nostale (Global) - Impossible\'s being random again!

"Character: Impossible (Level 30 / Job 14) Game: Nostale (Global) [] Where am I in the game?: I\'m in West Mine Area, my favourite place. I\'m usually found chatting, chilling, making friends and helping people around there. If you catch me, feel free to ask for help and add me as a friend. ^__^ Dedicated: To everyone on my friends list, especially Cipi and iWoooxd"

Nostale Warrior doing Second Jajamaru Time Space Part 2

continuation from the first part. PS forgot to add links My site: Nostale Global\'s site:

GreyWarrior vs Ognisty Blade NosTale Pl

"nostalex, 2009, 05, 15, 57, 28, 90"

NosTale Act.4

NosTale Act.4

Nostale fight at Glacernon

anioly vs diably Rate and comment!!!

you are my love sakura version nostale

"englische übersetzung The faint scent of tears On my rain soaked cheeks The warm look on the face Of travelers The music from our childhood Faintly echoes in the background The memories I hopelessly try to remember Wander aimlessly But with these tiny wings, launched by my dreams Over distant oceans and skies We\'ll soar together To a place where memories never fade You light up the way for me In the darkness of night Oh, that warm look On your face I miss you so much"


its a great new game coming out this march

Yohny(41)kontra Gigantyczne Pisklę(27BOSS) PL NOSTALE

kanał 1 Serwer 2 PL

Nostale: Warrior Training in Fernon B4 at Level 54

"This is how I trained after leaving exit of east. I\'m mainly posting this because I wanted to show that the maps are small, and that you can kill everything before anything respawns. However, I should kill all monsters, wait at the beggining, so then I\'ll have a fresh map, so they wont be out of place. Which is why a garg spawned on the first floor after killing everyone on the first floor for a second time. Sorry for not killing that stone walker, I should have done that, but you know there ..."