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Nocny kanał (z reguły) obrazujący chwile z życia Pekeza. Czasem muzyczka w dzień i miłe filmy :)


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Ima Robot - Dirty Life

Lyrics: Oh I can\'t get away My mind\'s been up for days Alright my ghosts are chasing me Oh god damn you make me scream (Dirty mind) tell me it\'s a dream (Dirty life) oh I love the filthy scene (Dirty mind) now don\'t you break my heart (Dirty life) you\'re tearin\' me apart...

Röyksopp \'Happy Up Here\'

Official video for the first single from \'Junior\'! Directed by Reuben Sutherland. The album \'Junior\' is out 23rd March!

Röyksopp - Miss It So Much (feat. Lykke Li)

"from the new album, Junior wich will be released march 23."

"MGMT \""Kids\"" Video"

"HD Version: Article about the video About Abby and Rafael: Just to set the story straight: the facepainted kids in the video are a boy and girl from Los Angeles, two friends of mine, names Raf and Abby. MGMT was not involved in the making of this video, however, they became involved down the line. The story goes like this: December 2007: Rushing to make a due date for a USC Music Video class, I ask my friends Raf and Abby to ..."

MGMT - Time to Pretend

"Fan made video with footage from BBC Planet Earth Trailer and music from MGMT- Time to Pretend (Oracular Spectacular). Made for fun before official video was released. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Overwhelmed with the response. I\'m Feelin rough I\'m Feelin raw I\'m in the prime of my life. Let\'s make some music make some money find some models for wives. I\'ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars. You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars. This is ..."

"MGMT \""electric feel\"" video"

" My art on the boundlessgallery website link above consists of flower images made out of photos of my body, the second link is to my webcomic \""I don\'t get it either\"" This is a fan vid for MGMT\'s electric feel - Have fun!"

Lily Allen - Smile

"Official Promo Video for Lily Allen\'s fantastic hit single \'Smile\'. Track Taken from Lily\'s debut album \'Alright, Still\', available from Parlophone Store here:"

10. Lily Allen - Chinese

"Lily Allen - Chinese - It\'s Not Me, It\'s You"

Feist - 1234

Sehr schönes Video zu fröhlicher Musik :)

"Phantom Taxi Ride - Leave You Alone (Red Bull Tour Bus - Toruń, 12.05.2009)"

"phantom, taxi, ride, live, leave, you, alone, red, bull, tour, bus, 2009, toruń, juwenalia"

Phantom Taxi Ride - Leave You Alone (live in Częstochowa)

"13.06.2009, Konduktorownia"

Угарная девочка

Угарная девочка ... unsigned

The T-Mobile Dance

Watch the moment Liverpool Street Station danced to create this special T-Mobile Advert. Life\'s for sharing.

Pacific! - Sunset Blvd

Sweet Child O Mine / Taken by Trees

I really like this version of the song :)

The Kooks - Kids (MGMT Cover)

The Kooks cover Kids by MGMT on Triple J\'s Like a Version.

The Kooks Young Folks

The Kooks Cover the Young Folks