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Weird Umbrella Invention

It\'s the bizarrre weather accessory you never knew you needed - the \'Nubrella\'.

Best Invention ever funny

funny home made invention

great invention! the cheapest way to count your coins!

"simple but not yet availble in the US at this moment, or is it? check out the website as well"

Bizarre Toilet-Themed Restaurant

"At the Merton Restaurant in Taiwan, you can literally eat a chocolate sundae out of a toilet bowl. If that\'s your thing."

"6 Minutes of Really Funny,Kind of Wacky and Cool Inventions"

i Audioswapped from Part of that world by The Little Mermaid to this due to complains . sorry series of pictures of inventions that have been created by goofy inventors

Cool new rope invention

"See more at See the Tite-Tie work with wet rope, when rusty and see how strong it is."

Crazy and funny inventions by the Japanese

some of the weirdest inventions

Top 5 of the laziest inventions

Great inventions for lazy people

Sneaky Way to Drink a Beer!

Did you ever want to have a frosty beverage but it was frowned upon? Now you can drink one anywhere! Please drink responsibly and only where allowed by

the smart saw

great invention

Bra Transforms Into A Bag

Another japanese invention

Fantastic Invention!!!