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Counter-Strike 300

Counter-Strike 1.6 Get In First Aim us @ ExceedCS if you want to tryout for our team! OR connect to one of our public servers and ask an admin ip

Owned CS noob

A fun movie where a noob is playing CS. Made by:[myg0t] Stoned Grilla

Counter-Strike: Source Legends (HD & 16:9)

"new YouTube Account: RaYmOn1337xD. [G]uest [B]ook entry would be nice :D By Max Silver ------------------------------ Counter-Strike: Source Legends shows the best player on the world. Kodiak, JD | Hyper and many more! ------------------------------ Max Silvers Readme to CS:S Legends LEGENDS --- Name: Legends Resolution: 1280x720 Codec: x264 Filesize: 225MB Created: Max \""Goodeh\"" Silver --- Featuring: Airraid.c0bain.delonge.Devour disruptor.FroD.HaZ.Hughsy jIMMy.Jonssen.KODIAK.Lin ..."

"CS 1.6 : fnatic.MSI vs. WemadeFOX [26 July, 2009] Game 1 @ Final E-Stars Seoul Continental Cup"

"▷ Game 1, Grand Finals of Continental Cup on e★stars Seoul 2009 Counter Strike 1.6 : King Of The Game ※ CS1.6 Prize : Rank 1 : 15000000 (Korean Won) ..........2 : 4000000 (Korean Won) ..........3 : 2000000 (Korean Won) ..........4 : 1000000 (Korean Won) ◆ fnatic.MSI (Sweden) : won in last the Extreme masters 2009 1. Gux / Rasmus. S (Back Up) 2. fOrest / Patrik. L (Attacker) 3. cArn / Patrik. S (Commander) 4. DSN / Harley. O (Sniper) 5. GeT_RiGhT / Christopher. A (Attacker ..."

WCG 2008 CS Grand Final SK-Gaming VS mTw @ Round 1

WCG 2008 CS Korean commentators English commentator :

Funny | Śmieszne wypadki i upadki =)

"Hahaha Lol OMG Funy videos . Zabawne i czasami przerażające wypadki \""normalnych\"" ludzi. Naprawdę polecam !!! =)"

Śmieszne filmiki

Zcinki śmiesznych filmików :D

CS fun

This video is made my some unknown CS club

Counter Strike sound

"Counter Strike,gun,1.6,safri,duo"

CS:S - Incorporated 2 by ClaYmaN - HD w/ Sound

" needs your help to get the new website launched. Please help by donating to the cause, for more information and to donate please visit http"

Counter-Strike Movie (Lustig) Part 2

Lustiger Counter-Strike Cartoon Film Part 2