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Fajne piosenki różnych wykonawców.


Blur - Woo Hoo(Song 2)

Blur Woo Hoo mit Text!!!

Linkin Park - One Step Closer

Linkin Park - One Step Closer

Dr Alban - Sing Hallelujah

Alban vid

George Michael - Careless Whisper

To jest po prostu piękne!!

Sabaton - 40:1 Official video

Official video for 40:1 by Sabaton. This song is about the Battle of Wizna in Poland 1939 where Cpt Raginis and his brave 720 soliders defended Wizna from the nazis. Polish subtitles. Credits: Camera: Tomasz Nowak Editing: Bartek Bretes Directed by: Jacek Raginis Production: EUROWORK & STUDIES\' Cooperation: European Centre Of Solidarity

Aqua - Roses Are Red


Baha men-Who let the dogs out (official)

this is a pretty old song but i like it. rate and comment 200000 views!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hymn piwosza

To niedługo będzie hymnem narodowym :)

Fool\'s Garden - Lemon Tree

Favorit Video of this band

Virooz & T-Project - Sexy Sexy Lover (oryginal edit)

Virooz & T-Project - Sexy Sexy Lover (oryginal edit)

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Original Video with subtitles)

"Blue (Da Ba Dee) is the title of the debut single of the Italian Eurodance band Eiffel 65, extracted from the first album \""Europop\"". The single released in 1998 topped the charts of 17 countries and reached the #6 of the American Billboard chart becoming a worldwide hit."

Elektryczne Gitary - Wielki Tenis

Elektryczne Gitary wielki tenis Lyrics/tekst piosenki: Wielki tenis - kupa błota nasza głucha rybka złota a miało być tak pięknie księżyc zestrzelę z broni kaliber zero osiem uduszę kormorana zrobię w kasynie dym tylko mnie nie zostawiaj sędziemu łeb ogolę zamówię pieczeń z rysia radiowóz też podpalę ja się nie chwalę wcale tylko mnie nie zostawiaj wielki tenis - kupa błota nasza głucha rybka złota a miało być tak pięknie

REKLAMA w SuperNutka






Nickelback ::: How You Remind Me - Music Video

"Music Video shot around Mt Taranaki, New Zealand from a Heliview Bell 206L."

David Guetta - The World Is Mine [HQ]

"David Guetta - The World Is Mine. I believe in the wonder, I believe this new life took in, like a God that I\'m under, there\'s drugs running through my veins, I believe in the wonder, I believe i can touch the flame, there\'s a spell that I\'m under, got to fly, I don\'t feel no shame, The world is mine, The world is mine, The world is mine, The world is mine, Take a look what you\'ve started, In the world flashing from your eyes, and you know that you\'ve got it, from the thunder you feel inside ..."

The Rasmus - Living in a world without you by

Musik mit eigenem video

Salt N Pepa - Let\'S Talk About Sex (The Original)

Salt N Pepa - Let\'S Talk About Sex

Linkin Park - Faint

"The official music video for \""Faint\"" from the album \""Meteora\"" directed by Mark Romanek."

Therion - To Mega Therion

Therion - To Mega Therion

Creed Riders On The Storm Audio

Awsome music solos by Mark Tremonti

3-O-Matic - Hand In Hand

Eurodance 90s

Groove Coverage - On The Radio

Groove Coverage - On The Radio

Ace of Base - The Sign

The Sign - Music Video

Nightwish Wish I had An Angel - Official Music Video

Nightwish Wish I had An Angel

A-Tension - Angels

A-Tension - Angels

Vanilla ninja - Liar

Vanilla ninja - Liar

Music Instructor - Dance


Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow

Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow

Fun Factory - Celebration

Fun Factory - Celebration

Shahin & Simon - Do The Right Thing (Scooter remix)

"Shahin & Simon - Do the right thing. An other great tune remixed by Scooter. This track was part of the Shahin & Simon project. Simon is in fact Micheal Simon now part of Scooter since Jay Frog left. This remix was released in 1995. Scooter: ----- If you own the copyrights to this track and you want it removed from Youtube, please let me know i\'m happy to do so. L34D3R -----"

Alice DeeJay - Better off Alone

"\""Better off Alone\"" is the first single by Dutch pop-eurodance group Alice DeeJay from their debut album Who Needs Guitars Anyway?. It was released in 1999 by Universal and Republic. \""Do you think you\'re better off alone?\"" is the song\'s primary line, and was written by Pronti of Dutch producers Pronti & Kalmani after his lover left him. The song\'s secondary line, \""Talk to me\"" was borrowed from The Eurythmics hit song \""Here Comes The Rain Again\"". The song was originally intended to be an ..."


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