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Magiczna kraina Tanzania


Serengeti National Park - Tanzania

"The Serengeti is a region of grasslands and woodlands in Mara Region in Tanzania. It has more than 1.6 million herbivores and thousands of predators. Blue Wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and buffalos are the animals most commonly found in the region. This area is most famous for the migration that takes place every year, which is considered to be one of the seven tourist travel wonders of the world and was named by the American television show Good Morning America and newspaper USA Today as ..."

Massai Dance

"This is the Maasai warrior doing the jump around dance. This dance is how they find a mate, the highest jumper gets the gals."



Lions mating in the Serengeti

Two lions on top of a rock in the Serengeti mating.

Ngorongoro National Park Tanzania

Going around Ngorongoro National Park in Tanzania 2005.

Tanzania - Swahili Bongo Flava - Saida Karoli (Maria Salome)


Imogen Heap in Tanzania

"Imogen visits Lake Natron in Tanzania to do research for an upcoming film soundtrack project she is involved with. To find out more, visit Immi\'s iBlog at Audio: \'Cumulus\' by Imogen Heap."

Ngorongoro Lions and Cape Buffalo rumble

"Lions and Buffalo rumble somewhere on the African Savannah. The lions are just dwarfed by their prey. For all they\'re made up to be, lions live on a pretty subsistence level diet: you never see any FAT lions running around out there in the wilderness."

Tanzania albinos face violence - 25 Jun 08

"In the past 18 months, at least 25 Albinos, including children, have been mutilated and murdered in Tanzania. Authorities say witch doctors appear to be linked to the killings. Albinism is especially prevalent in Africa, where it is estimated to affect as many as one in a thousand people. It occurs when the genes don\'t produce enough portions of a pigment known as melanin, meaning the skin is extremely pale. Yvonne Ndege reports from Tanzania."

Tanzania: Ngoma- an after-harvest dance festival

Ngoma means drums in Swahili. The name is used for after-harvet fesivals in rural Tanzania. This day I happened on to an Ngoma and was invided to video the activities. This video is a brief sample

Tanzania TV Commercial

A tourism promotional video produced by Tanzania Tourist Board