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How to Swim : How to Swim Underwater

Swimming underwater is a great way to move quickly in the swimming pool and expand lung capacity. Swim underwater with tips from a swimming instructor in this free video swim lesson. Expert: Phillip Toriello Contact: Phillip Toriello Bio: Phillip Toriello Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves

Boys Showing off Underwater

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#2 - La photo sous l\'eau

Quels sont les écueils à éviter et les bonnes pratiques de la photo sous-marine ? Ce tutoriel vous donnera toutes les clés pour réussir vos photos sous l\'eau.

Tunnel freediving

"Interesting freediving. Just keep yourself calm and don\'t be to self confident. Köping, Sweden. Cheers"

Underwater Boys

Running underwater with a rock in Kauai

Zoli freediving 10 m

zoli biro (delfin) freediving to 10 meters to a time of 1:40 in hurghada! BEST UNDERW. VIDEO CAMERAMAN IN HURGHADA : KAREEM HAMZA 0020-104318393 or KAREEM_DIVER14@YAHOO.COM

Blue Hole Ocoee July 2009 -- more underwater footage and a bump to the head!

"In this clip from the best-known underwater tunnels at Blue Hole Ocoee, a cool kid named Marcus demonstrates (at about 0:57) how NOT to proceed through one of the tunnels. I\'ve bumped my head in exactly the same spot m\'self. :) For more info on this place, see my webpage for Blue Hole Ocoee at"

Underwater Boys II

Running underwater with a rock in Kauai

Underwater Karate Moves

Mase shows his underwater karate skills

Nanaimo River Tunnel with Fishie

Just a quick shot of swimming through a beautiful tunnel on the Nanaimo River on Vancouver Island.

MaxusSport - nurkowanie 7

Chorwacja 2007

5 years old boy swimming underwater!!

He just 5 years old and can swim!

"William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole, Dahab"

"The first no fins, no suit freedive through the Arch, a 30m long tunnel connecting Dahab\'s Blue Hole to the Red Sea at a depth of 55m. William Trubridge is the world record holder in unassisted freediving. Website:"

Filmik z basenu

pod koniec zajebiste kółeczka :-D

Underwater Torpedo Dodgeball

"Underwater Torpedo Dodgeball Rules: 1. You are out when the torpedo hits you and then the wall/ground 2. Catching the torpedo doesnt benefit you or bring in a teammate like in normal dodgeball 3. If player is hit and your teammate catches it, he and you are safe. 4. If player is hit and the other team catches their throw, then the player hit is out. 5. Teams can make one forward pass, but teammate cannot catch the torpedo passed halfcourt."


Leonid Kutuzov ( present: Depth of 70 metres without scuba. Freediving and Yoga from

Tunnel swim
Danger Man

Underwater scene from a Danger Man movie.

Underwater Handcuff Escape
BLaD: Drowning

Between Life and Death Discovery Channel International Segment

Pool Wrestling
The Osterman Weekend (Pool scene)

Fight / Drowning scene from the movie THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND

Riverworld (Opening & Drowning scene)

"Brad Johnson swim nude and be drowned in other scene of \""Riverworld\"""

Underwater Swimming
Underwater Swimming
Underwater Paul
Theda Marko Underwater
Underwater competition
Waiela Snorkel
Redonda até de baixo d água
Interactive Challenge: Hold Your Breath
Diving into water
Pool videos
Test :D
Paul Giamatti underwater
Tunnel swim
World War II Ship Wrecks in Coron Islands

"Erwin Chester Sevilla, Coron Busuanga Palawan"

Chester Sevilla under the water

"Erwin, Chester, Sevilla"

"Wellness, Tambaram, July 28"

"Chennai Trekkers, Peter Van Geit"

Go Pro in the pool

First experiment with a Go Pro Wide in the swimming pool.

Watch Works Under Water