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"Tuningi, rankingi i nie tylko"


Top 10 Fastest Production Cars 2008

This is a new updated video of the fastest production cars from around the world ever made. What car made by what country from around the world will be


wypasione auta... ... Tuning 2008

Wypasione Auta

Warto obejrzeć te auta.Jest wiele tuningów i nie tylko...

Top 20 New Cars for 2008 [Road & Track]

"Top 20 New Cars for 2008. Includes: Nissan GT-R, Dodge Viper SRT10 & Caliber SRT4, Audi S5 & R8, BMW M3 & 1series"

2009 New York International Auto Show - Garage419

"Matt Farah joins Vinny Russo at the 2009 New York International Auto Show. The two tour the show floor to see the good, the bad, and even"

Nexx - Paralyzed (samochody roku 2009)

samochody - tuning

Tuningowane auta

Fajne autka warto obejrzeć xD


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