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"English Version, Best Commercial Ever"

The English version of the best commercial ever

Banned Mastercard Priceless Commercial: The Milkman

"Please watch and rate the film on IMDB LINK BELOW Watch the full film at This is a Mastercard Priceless Spec commercial, It was shot on Super 16mm film, had a 2K telecine, and edited on a 1080p master in Avid Media Composer. Please visit for more information. Production Barbara Nicholson (Executive Producer), Georgia Lauchland (Executive Producer), Hiro Kamegaya (Script Supervisor), Marcie Nicholson ..."

Viagra! Best Commercial!

Viagra! Best Commercial!

Best Beer Commercial Ever!

Guinness beer commercial

Best Beer Commercial ever


Banned Beer Commercial

Banned Beer Commercial - One More Beer Please !

"BANNED Adam and Eve, the gay version" Banned commercial from Centraal Beheer

Funny Commercial - Smart boys and beauty girl

Funny Commercial - Smart boys and beauty girl

Arranged Marriage Funny Commercial

"This is quite funny, poking fun at the Indian tradition. Has NOTHING To Do With My Portfolio."

Yao Ming and Jackie Chan - Visa funny commercial!

Jackie Chan got excited after seeing a big Yao Ming advertisement which is recruiting athletes to join the Olympic Team. He went for several tryouts but ended up performing martial arts at the wrong time....

Funny commercial JAPP chocolate bar

Extra energy will push you further