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Teledyski i koncerty kultowego zespołu rockowego Guns N' Roses!

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Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle - Live At The Ritz 88Guns N' Roses performing Welcome To The Jungle live at The Ritz New York 1988. Probably GN'Rs best concert. 5m 6s
Guns N' Roses - Nightrain (Ritz, 1988.02.02)Live at the Ritz, New York, 1988.02.02. "Anyway, I'm gonna dedicate this song real quick. And I'm not gonna say anything offensive so that we can make it on TV. This is the song that is not dedicated to drinking or drug addiction or any of that kind of stuff. This song is basically about a walk in the park. This is something called 'Nightrain'." 5m 7s
Guns N Roses Paradise Cityparadise city live at the tribute to fred mercury 1991 Check this band out! myspace.com/weareindiansummer 6m 16s
Sweet Child O' Mine Music VideoThe music video from the greatest song ever. No Copyright infringement intended. If you want much better quality, buy Welcome to the Videos, the collection of GN'R's music vids. I highly recommend it. And check out Chinese Democracy coming out Nov. 23 Here's the link to the official 1st single: web.gunsnroses.com Please Comment and RATE!!! 5m 15s
Guns N' Roses - Mr. Brownstone (Ritz, 1988.02.02)Live at the Ritz, New York, 1988.02.02. 4m 30s
Guns N' Roses - My Michelle (Ritz, 1988.02.02)Live at the Ritz, New York, 1988.02.02. 5m 6s
Guns N' Roses - You're Crazy (Argentina, 1993)Live performance in Buenos Aires (Estadio River Plate), Argentina, 1993.07.17. gnr's last show on the UYI tour. 5m 32s
Guns N' Roses - patienceLive, ?!*@, Like, Suicide, Appetite, for, Destruction, EP, N', Lies, Use, Your, Illusion, II, "T 6m 44s
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