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Grand Theft Auto 4 Video Review - Exclusive!!! (Xbox 360)Here is my exclusive video review for Grand Theft Auto 4 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Is it worth the hype? Check out the video. This video was created and edited entirely by me. 4m 59s
GTA 4 - Bloopers Glitches & Silly Stuff 1GTA4, GTAIV, IV, Bloopers, Gameplay, Funny, Silly, Stuff, Glitches, Stunts, Glitch, Bails, Ultra, Ben, Buja, Crashes, Bonzo, Dog, Band, HD, PC, PS3, Xbox, 360, Stunt, Montage, II, III, New, Dawn, Swingset, Hotdogstand, Machinima 6m 26s
GTA 4 - STUNT MONTAGE ICheck out my latest bloopers video, part 8 www.youtube.com My first GTA stunt montage, never thought it would hit 8 million views some day... Thank you for watching! :-) 4m 53s
GTA 4 - Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 2 (Machinima)Here are some of the most painful bails that happened during the recording of my third stunt montage. Also some glitches and random silly stuff. Enjoy! 6m 18s
GTA4: Funny Ways To Escape The Cops (Grand Theft Auto IV Gameplay/Stunts)www.youtube.com Click this to watch Grand Theft Auto IV Stunt Montage by benbuja GTA4: Funny Ways To Escape The Cops (Grand Theft Auto IV Gameplay/Stunts) 5 funny and epic ways to escape the cops presented by a probably drunk ex-Wall Street guy with a traffic cone on his head who's spoken by Microsoft Sam. Can it get any absurder? PC and Xbox 360 versions were used for this video. We hope you enjoy this video. If you liked it, please leave a comment and rate/subscribe to Machinima.com. -Ben Buja FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: www.youtube.com TAGS: yt:quality=high Grand Theft "Auto IV" "Auto 4" GTA4 GTAIV GTA IV Rockstar Games North UPC 410425392428 MPN 39012 Escape The Cops Funny Ways Epic Parachute Ballad of Gay Tony benbuja Ultra Ben Buja Machinima Machinima.com comedy montage top ten 10 top 5 absurd gameplay 4m 53s
GTA 4An advertisement of cocacola looks like a gta 4 spoof. the main character is dressed like claude speed from gta 3 1m
GTA 4 - STUNT MONTAGE IICheck out my latest bloopers video, part 8 www.youtube.com MUSIC: Steve Vai - "Eugene's Trick Bag" & "Juice" THIRD STUNT MONTAGE: uk.youtube.com Bloopers vid is now up! www.youtube.com Additional Tags: Grand Theft Auto 4 Epic Rockstar Games Rules Edited Explosions Explosion Trevor Rabin The One Soundtrack Ingame Zusammenstellung Grafik fett episch Stunts bike car heli turismo weather effects lightning sanchez nrg900 nrg 900 Unofficial Trailer That Special Someone Barrel Rolls Barrelroll Barrelrolls Backflip Frontflip 4m 17s
The Sims 3 - E3 2008 Debut Trailer (HD)THE SIMS 3 : by EA/Maxis The Sims 3 E3 2008 Debut Trailer 1m 34s
The Sims 2 Big Brother Episode 1 Part 1*READDD*Well this is my first episode of my new series Big Brother :P it may suck its just because im not use to this and if your wondering how i got 10 people in a house i just put 1 family of 8 and used tombstone of L and D and i did add neighbor to family and added the 3 other house guests pretty easy :p and since this is my first time doing this kind of moving making please take it easy :P im dong it for fun, and peoples you got to believe me making this series is actually way easier ... 6m 10s
The sims 1 how to have a babyHere you can see how to have a baby in the sims 1. 1m 13s
Barbie Girl - Aqua - The Sims 2tinyurl.com Click the link over to see how an 18 year old makes over $428 per day through cell phones... This is the craziest thing I have ever seen.. It's so freaking cool! Barbie Girl... This video is done just for fun... And for you that think I'm gay, I'm not. It's just that the song is kind a catchy. Hair and clothes from www.thesims2.com. Well I hope you liked it. 3m 30s
gta4 riotemmm fun 8m 10s
The Sims 1 Theme SongThe Sims 1 Main Theme Download: www.2shared.com *click "Save File to PC"* 2m 6s
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