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Shakin Stevens - Because I Love YouBecause I Love You Video 3m 14s
Shakin Stevens - TeardropsShakin Stevens Teardrops(video) 3m 49s
Shakin Stevens - You Drive Me CrazyYou know, Baby, when you're in my arms, I can feel your loving magic charms You drive me crazy, you drive me crazy. And when Im looking in those big blue eyes, I start afloating round in paradise, You drive me crazy, you drive me crazy. Heaven must have sent you down, Down for you to give me a thrill, Evry time you touch me Evry time you hold me, My heart starts speeding like a train on a track. I love you, Baby, and it's plain to see, I love you, honey, it was meant to be You drive me crazy ... 2m 48s
Shakin Stevens - Give Me Your Heart TonightGive Me Your Heart Tonight Video 2m 59s
The Shakin' Arrows Andele ArivaKruisland Andele Ariva 4m 7s
The Shakin' Arrows Two EyesKruisland Two Eyes 2m 21s
The Shakin' Arrows TallahasseelasseeKruisland Tallahasseelassee 3m 18s
The Shakin' Arrows Slow Flirtreusel 05-2009 3m 28s
The Shakin' Arrows In The MoodKruisland In The Mood 3m 12s
The Shakin Arrows / Man of MysteryMan of Mystery 1m 51s
The Shakin Arrows / Please Don't TouchPlease Don't Touch 4m 18s
The Shakin' Arrows BaccaroleKruisland Baccarole 2m 2s
The Shakin' Arrows / Ton Duquesnoy / Ajoen AjoenKoninginnedag 30-4-2008 Waalwijk 2m 56s
The Shakin' Arrows Pledging My LoveKruisland Pledging My Love 2m 29s
The Shakin' Arrows - La ComparsaThe Shakin'Arrows Locomotion Zoetermeer 31-01-1990 filmed Leon Donnars 2m 39s
kivanç Tatlitug Body Shakin'[Chorus] You got my body shaking, sends a shiver to my soul I didn't get no warning, you got me shaking to the bone I got my secret weapon, I'm gonna get you alone, yeah yeah So let your body loose control I was a boy walking tough, king of the street Believed in making my own destiny, yeah Victim of love, I made a promise that I'd never be Another one of love's fatalities Rule number one was running wild and always running free Didn't need no luck, my guardian angel looking over me You ... 3m 40s
poison arrows - shakin all overpunk rock 3m 22s
The Shakin' Arrows / Goodnight IreneKoninginnedag 30-04-2008 Waalwijk 3m 38s
The Shakin Arrows / PretendPretend 3m 37s
The Shakin' Arrows - GeronimoLeimuiderbrug 08-2008 2m 30s
The Shakin' Arrows / Tallahassee lassee4 Nov 2007 16e Starriders Country Artiesten Gala 2007 in Loon op Zand 3m 20s
The Shakin' Arrows Don't want to BlameKruisland Don't want to Blame 3m 21s
The Shakin' Arrows I Could never beKruisland I Could never be 2m 18s
The Shakin Arrows / GeronimoGeronimo 2m 21s
The Shakin' Arrows Ft. Karin / Johnny B GoodBoxtel 3m 8s
The Shakin' Arrows (Koninginnedag 2008 Waalwijk)The Shakin' Arrows in Waalwijk (Koninginnedag 2008) 5m 26s
The Shakin' Arrows Without a LoveSchijndel Without a Love 5m 8s
The Shakin' Arrows - Shakin all overThe Shakin'Arrows Locomotion Zoetermeer 31-01-1990 filmed Leon Donnars 2m 40s
The Shakin Arrows / Storms Never LastStorms Never Last 4m 11s
The Shakin' Arrows Springtime in the RockiesKruisland Springtime in the Rockies 3m 22s
The Shakin' Arrows Ajoen AjoenKruisland , Ajoen Ajoen 2m 46s
The Shakin Arrows / Old Black JoeOld Black Joe 2m 51s
The Shakin' Arrows - ShadoogieThe Shakin'Arrows Locomotion Zoetermeer 31-01-1990 filmed Leon Donnars 5m
The Shakin' Arrows - Ajoen AjoenOmschrijving: The Shakin' Arrows op koninginedag 2008, met beelden van Ed Valk en Kees 2m 57s
The Shakin' Arrows - Please Don't TouchWaalwijk 12 Juli 2009 6m 10s
The Shakin'ArrowsThe Shakin'Arrows 5m 38s
The Shakin' Arrows Ft. Karin / La GolondrinaBoxtel 3m 28s
Shakin Arrows-Blue ArrowShakin Arrows-Blue Arrow 2m 58s
The Shakin' Arrows Blue Eyes Cryin'Reusel 05-2009 4m 31s
The Shakin Arrows / Rave OnRave on 2m 30s
The Shakin ArrowsThe Shakin Arrows Slide Show 1m 55s
The Shakin' Arrows Please ReturnKruisland Please Return 3m 27s
The Shakin Arrows / Last DateLast Date 3m 3s
The Shakin' Arrows / La ComparsaLa Comparsa 2m 36s
The Shakin' Arrows / ShadoogieShadoogie 5m 34s
The Shakin Arrows / AndaluciaAndalucia 2m 47s
The Shakin' Arrows Mean Women BluesSchijndel Mean Women Blues 3m 6s
The Shakin' Arrows De Werft 2008Starriders festival de werft 2008 10m 38s
The Shakin Arrows / Goodnight IreneIrene Goodnight 4m 21s
Touch and go - Tango in harlemtango e passaione 3m 27s
Adios Mexico--Texas Tornados--Austin TexasTexas Tornados Live In Austin Texas 4m 36s
Texas Tornados, Laredo Rose, Gruene Hall, 1992The Texas Tornados, with Doug Sahm, singing Laredo Rose, are at the Gruene Hall, in Gruene Texas, in 1992. This concert was a BBC televison broadcast. 3m 23s
Texas Tornados , Soy de San Luis, on Nashville NowThis video is dedicated to Evangelina "Vangie" Huerta and Freddy Fender, also Doug,Shawn, and Shandon Sahm. I know Augie and Flaco miss playing with Freddy and Doug. Anyone who ever has heard their music misses them. We will never forget the Texas Tornados! We also have to mention Nashville Now's famous host, Ralph Emery. My wife, Letty, and I were there at Freddy's last concert at Steven's Steak and Seafood House, in the City of Commerce. The date was December 31,2005. Be sure to enjoy the ... 5m 11s
TEXAS TORNADOS - A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada! SONG REMOVED??? by WMG!!!that´s strange now - YT told me that they took back the copyright claim and reposted the original video - oh my!!!! :( now it´s NADA!!! now: www.123video.nl DEDICATED TO THE ONE AND ONLY TEXAS TORNADOS and to you ChuckChuckCHUCAREL !!! click here for a high quality de.youtube.com What you see are some of my own photos. From my travels, from my garden, from German wine...german hikes and german flies... Some of the artist´s photos are from the internet. I added frames, colour and more... most ... 3m 34s
Texas Tornados - Soy de San LuisGreat performing of my fav song from Los tornados de Texas, soy del merito San Luis Potosi ajuaaa... dedicated to my Chicanita ZA 4m 4s
Texas Tornados - DineroOh squeeze it Flacito 2m 48s
Texas Tornados - Hey baby que pasoVideo original de los texas tornados de su viejo exito hey baby que paso ya algo añeja jeje pero buena rola espero les guste by tejano59 buena calidad de audio y video 3m 47s
Texas Tornados - Anybody Goin' to San AntoneTexas Tornados - Anybody Goin' to San Antone 2m 41s
Texas Tornados MendocinoTexas Tornados Live in Austin Texas 4m 45s
Elvis Presley One Night With Youwww.myspace.com/serhatkocak Elvis Presley türk ankara 2007 montaj.serhat koçak 2m 28s
Ray Conniff - I can see clearly now1972, Ray Conniff nos presenta en su particular estilo, de J. Nash, I can see clearly now... I can see clearly now Lyrics: I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshine... 2m 35s
Alone Again The Ray Conniff Singersa vinyl video promo 2m 50s
Ray Conniff - She believes in me1979, She believes in me, Ray Conniff... Lyrics: She Believes In Me While she lays sleeping I stay out late at night and play my songs And sometimes, all the nights can be so long And it's good, when I finally make it home All alone while she lays dreaming I try to get undressed without the light Then, quietly, she says, how was your night? And I come to her and say, it was alright And then I hold her tight And she believes in me I´ll never know just what she sees in me I told her, someday ... 4m 6s
Ray Conniff - Moments to remember1976 , Ray Conniff Momentes to remember Al Stillman - Robert Allen Lyrics: January to December, We'll have moments to remember! The New Year's Eve we did the town The day we tore the goal post down We will have these moments to remember The quiet walks, the noisy fun The ballroom prize we almost won We will have these moments to remember Though summer turns to winter And the present disappears The laughter we were glad to share Will echo through the years When other nights and other days May ... 3m 46s
Ray Conniff: Smoke Gets In Your EyesRay Conniff, conducting Horst Jankowski's RIAS Orchestra and the Rosy Singers (from a German TV show, titled "Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht", 1986) 2m 51s
Ray Conniff: BrazilFrom a concert at the Palladium, Sao Paulo, Brazil (1991) 3m 33s
Ray Conniffwww.illtones.com to get the freshest new and old ringtones sent right to your phone! - Besame Mucho (instrumentals) ... almanake's videos 2m 40s
Sueno Besame MuchoThe dance scene b/w Antonio and Nina 3m 38s
Danny Aiello feat Hasan - Besame MuchoActor Danny Aiello and Artist Hasan team up to take this classic to a new level 4m 17s
Elvis Presley - Kiss Me Quick (with Elvis' pictures)Kiss Me Quick - This is one of my favorite Elvis songs. :) 2m 49s
Dixie AcesWhiskey Helps The Heartache 3m 3s
Dixie Aces-LimelightDixie Aces-Limelight 2m 44s
Dixie Aces Western XP 2007Dixie Aces Western XP 2007 1m 32s
Supper Duo Bert Smeets and Ermin Spahalic from the Dixie AceSupper Duo Bert Smeets and Ermin Spahalic from the Dixie Aces at the Double D Ranch 2007 playing johnny be good 41s
De Dixie Aces - Only The LonelyDe Dixie Aces - Only The Lonely ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 2m 31s
Dixie AcesLeimuiderbrug : After All 2m 45s
De Dixie Aces - The ways of a woman in loveDe Dixie Aces - The ways of a woman in love Video-bewerking: John Hodselmans ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 3m 26s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces De Werft 2006 "After All" 2m 55s
Dixie Aces and the Aces of Swing dancers- Johnny B GoodDen Bosch brabandhallen Januari 2008 6m 48s
De Dixie Aces - He Drinks TequilaDe Dixie Aces - He Drinks Tequila Video-bewerking: John Hodselmans ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 3m 10s
Indonesian moon--Dixie AcesIndo rock 2m 21s
Streets of Bakersfield - Dixie Aceswww.dixieaces.nl Taped in front of a live audience at "De Lievenkamp" theater in Oss Netherlands. During the DCMA-Award gala sept. 16 2007 2m 56s
De Dixie Aces - 1.Mukwah Hula 2.Burning Bridges 3.Living Next Door To AliceDe Dixie Aces - 1.Mukwah Hula 2.Burning Bridges 3.Living Next Door To Alice ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 9m 16s
De Dixie Aces - Almost PersuadedDe Dixie Aces - Almost Persuaded ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 3m 10s
The Last letter - Dixie Aces & W.Oxwww.dixieaces.nl Taped in front of a live audience at "De Lievenkamp" theater in Oss Netherlands. During the DCMA-Award gala sept. 16 2007 4m 51s
Dixie Aces & Pam MacBethCadillac Oldtimer Festival Leimuiderbrug Aug 2007, Guest Appearance Of Pam MacBeth. Please visit Pam's site: www.pammacbeth.com 3m 25s
Back in love by monday - Dixie Aces & W.Oxwww.dixieaces.nl Taped in front of a live audience at "De Lievenkamp" theater in Oss Netherlands. During the DCMA-Award gala sept. 16 2007 3m 22s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces Oosterhout: Great Balls of Fire 2m 50s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces Oosterhout : Runaway 3m 44s
Dixie Aces - Heartaches by the numberwww.dixieaces.nl "Heartaches by the Number" is a popular and country song written by Harlan Howard and published in 1959. The biggest hit version was recorded by Guy Mitchell on August 24, 1959. It reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for the weeks of December 14 and December 21 in 1959. The recording was released by Columbia Records as catalog number 41476. Earlier in the year, the song also made the country music charts in a version by Ray Price. Price's version reached No ... 3m 17s
Dixie Aces - Your good girl's gonna go badwww.dixieaces.nl Een nummer van Tammy Wynette uit 1966. Opgenomen tijdens Zevenaar Muziekstad 2008. 1m 56s
My Girl Josephine By The Dixie Acesnull 8m 15s
Dixie Aces /Put A Dent In Your HartDixie Aces Oosterhout:Put A Dent In Your .. 3m 7s
Dixie Aces - Wooly BullyDixie Aces www.dixieaces.nl met het nummer Wooly Bully van Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs. Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs was een Amerikaanse noveltygroep uit Dallas, Texas rond leadzanger Sam the Sham (Domingo Samudio). Ze zijn vooral bekend van de hit Wooly bully. De single Wooly bully verkocht wereldwijd 3 miljoen exemplaren en kwam in de Amerikaanse Hot 100 op #2. In Nederland en Vlaanderen werd de single zelfs een nummer 1-hit. Oorspronkelijk was het nummer door Sam geschreven als Hully gully ... 2m 29s
She'll Have to Go - Dixie Aces featuring Dwayne Verheijdenwww.dixieaces.nl dwayne-verheyden.nl "He'll Have to Go" is an American country and pop hit recorded on October 15, 1959 by Jim Reeves. The song, released in the fall of 1959, went on to become a massive hit in both genres early in 1960. 4m 40s
Dixie Aces - Ain`t so Lonesome anymoreDixie Aces - Ain`t so Lonesome anymore 2m 19s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces Oosterhout:Fly like a bird 3m 22s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces Oosterhout : Don't be cruel 2m 1s
Playing every honkytonk in town - Dixie Aceswww.dixieaces.nl Taped in front of a live audience at "De Lievenkamp" theater in Oss Netherlands. During the DCMA-Award gala sept. 16 2007 2m 36s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces De Werft 2006 Who did You Call 3m 6s
Hayseed Dixie - Ace of SpadesBetter quality version of the Hayseed Dixie video, from the album "Let There Be Rockgrass." Maximum Rockgrass. 2m 22s
Dixie AcesLeimuiderbrug : Lonesome ain't so lonesome anymore 2m 31s
Hayseed Dixie - Ace of SpadesHayseed Dixie performing Ace of Spades 2m 24s
De Dixie Aces - Travelin LightDe Dixie Aces - Travelin Light 2m 42s
Dixie Aces Rose Of My HeartLeimuiderbrug 08-2008 4m 18s
Dixie Aces OnceLeimuiderbrug 08-2008 3m 24s
De Dixie Aces - Devil In DisguiseDe Dixie Aces - Devil In Disguise ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 2m 39s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces Oosterhout: The Bug 4m 57s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces - Western Experience Rijswijk - The Netherlands 2007 2m 45s
Is It Wrong - Dixie Aceswww.dixieaces.nl Taped in front of a live audience at "De Lievenkamp" theater in Oss Netherlands. During the DCMA-Award gala sept. 16 2007 3m 31s
De Dixie Aces - Seven LettersDe Dixie Aces - Seven Letters Videobewerking: John Hodselmans ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 3m 48s
Dixie AcesDixie Aces De Werft 2006: Wasted days and wasted nights 5m 35s
After All - Dixie Aceswww.dixieaces.nl Taped in front of a live audience at "De Lievenkamp" theater in Oss Netherlands. During the DCMA-Award gala sept. 16 2007 2m 53s
De Dixie Aces - SoulmatesDe Dixie Aces - Soulmates ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 3m 10s
All you ever do is bring me down by Dixie Aces featuring Dwayne VerheydenDwayne performing as guest player during a gig from Dixie Aces at 6-1-2009 5m 25s
De Dixie Aces - BacktrackDe Dixie Aces - Backtrack ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 2m 36s
Dixie Aces - Since I met you babyDixie Aces - Since I met you baby. Opgenomen voor het programma Sterrenpalet van TV-Limburg. www.dixieaces.nl 2m 47s
Dixie AcesLeimuiderbrug : Pepe 2m 7s
De Dixie Aces - She'll Have To GoDe Dixie Aces - She'll Have To Go ( www.dixieaces.hyves.nl ) 4m 43s
Little Richard & Tom Jones - Rip it upHeerlijke rock 'n roll uit de oude doos. 1m 23s
Little Richard live Part 1Artist:Little Richard Website:www.leobennink.nl ''NEW'',Download Leo Bennink Albums, Tracks and Songs,on the''ITUNES''store The high Quality AAC Music. Leo & Dihl Bennink have a long musical history behind them,both were members of two famous Dutch groups in the sixties Dihl(Tee Set) Leo(The Motions)in 1996 they got the idea to join together and started the legendary guitar group The Black Albinos with Hoss on fenderbass, It makes this band a true time capsule of one of the best guitar ... 4m 34s
Tanya Tucker / Little RichardTanya Tucker / Little Richard / something else 2m 49s
Little Richard- Didn't it RainLittle Richard rocks this gospel number at the Apollo in 1985. 2m 12s
Little Richard "Lucille"Little Richard "Lucille" 2m 53s
Little Richard(The King Of Rock ..N..Roll) - Keep A Knocking(www.soegijoma.com)One of the best singer/performer of the usa, Mr. Little Richard. 3m 12s
Little Richard - Good Golly Miss MollyLittle Richard at a 50th birthday celebration for Muhammad Ali 3m 28s
Little Richard - Ready TeddyLittle Richard, the wild man of rock 'n' roll, performs 'Ready Teddy'. This clip is taken from the 1956 Movie, 'The girl can't help it'. Little Richard wrote and sang the title song. 1m 33s
Little Richard - Great Gosh A'mightyThis amazing concert brings together some of the true pioneers of rock 'n' roll music including Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, James Brown, Fats Domino and BBKing. Recorded in Italy in 1989 it features these legendary artists in performance of their best loved tracks such as Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Bo Diddley, Great Balls Of Fire, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On and Blueberry Hill. At the end of the concert all the performers come together for all-star jam that leaves the ... 4m 45s
Helmut Lotti sings Time To SwingHelmut Lotti sings Time To Swing 2m 45s
Helmut Lotti & Cliff Richard - Mary's Boy Child (2003)Cliff Richard & Helmut Lotti - "Mary's Boy Child". Recorded in the Main Square at the Grand Place in Brussels in 2003 Accompanied by the Golden Symphonic Orchestra. 4m 11s
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