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Basic Element - Touch You Right Now [HQ by Eurodance Vibe]From: Sweden For more Eurodance music visit: *www.eurodancehits.com *http *www.eurokdj.com ============================= European Dance Music Never Stop!!! ============================= ******************************* Got Euro?.....In High Quality? ******************************* Rate, Comment, & Subscribe! 3m 19s
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth - teledyskBelinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth - teledysk 4m 1s
London Beat - You Bring on the Sun 3m 20s
modern tolking 3m 2s
mix radiodance old 2 20m 14s
Silent Circle Discoteka 80 2012 Moscow Touch In Th 10m 1s
Papa Dance - Galaktyczny Zwiad (HQ)Papa Dance - Galaktyczny Zwiad, all copyrights belongs to Papa Dance 4m 12s
Alphaville - Big In Japan - teledyskAlphaville - Big In Japan - teledysk 3m 51s
italo 3m 46s
Koto - Jabdahnull 3m 40s
Magic Affair - Give me all your loveeurodance song from April 1994 4m 6s
Kim Wilde - Cambodia - teledyskKim Wilde - Cambodia - teledysk 3m 56s
The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian - teledyskThe Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian - teledysk 3m 21s
Silent Circle - Hide Away, Man Is Comingnull 3m 34s
A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV - teledyskA-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV - teledysk 4m 36s
Bobby Summer - Yaba Yaba 3m 23s
Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer - teledyskSnap - Rhythm is a Dancer - teledysk 3m 48s
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence - teledyskDepeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence - teledysk 3m 24s
Scorpions - Wind of Change - teledyskScorpions - Wind of Change - teledysk 4m 31s
Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise - teledyskVangelis - Conquest of Paradise - teledysk 4m 40s
Goombay Dance Band - Sun Of Jamaica - teledyskGoombay Dance Band - Sun Of Jamaica - teledysk 2m 56s
Shanghai - Ballerina 3m 26s
Boney M - Daddy Cool - teledyskBoney M - Daddy Cool - teledysk 3m 1s
Maxx-No More(I Can`t Stand It)Eurodance 90s. ... Maxx No More Eurodance 90s Techno Dance Music 4m 15s
E-Rotic - Help Me Dr Dick 2m 40s
P. Lion - Happy Children, 2m 8s
fun fun- colour my lovefun fun- colour my love 2m 17s
Italodisco Megamix Series 2 9m 59s
La Bouche - In Your Life 3m 39s
Max Mix 2 (Verano 2008)Video promocion de la versión para la radio. 5m 29s
Canton - Sonnambulismo (Discoring '84)Classic italo disco from 1984. Produced by Silvio Crippa and written by Enrico Ruggeri & Luigi Schiavone. Reposting this really cool performance they did on the italian show "Discoring" 1984! 3m 43s
Grant Miller-Colder than ice 3m 59s
ice mc and ALEXIA MEGAMIX EURODANCEice mc and alexia megamix live. Eurodance Music very good TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO 4m 42s
Patty Ryan - You're My Love,You're My Life 4m 1s
Snap - Cult of Snap 4m 1s
Alphaville - Forever Young 3m 40s
Alba - Only music survives (full clip)the complete videoclip of a great italodisco song 4m 18s
Mr.President Coco Jambo 3m 42s
Scotch-Mirage 3m 8s
C.C. Catch - Heaven & Hell 3m 16s
I'M A LOVER - ANDREAItalo dance 80's 3m 16s
JohnnyM5 - Moscow NightsJohnny, M5, Moscow, Nights 3m 8s
Silver Pozzoli - Around my dream 3m 8s
Culture Beat: Mr. Vain 3m 55s
Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia 3m 57s
Scotch - Disco Band 2m 36s
Raf - Self Control (Extended Mix + CD Sound)Raf - Self Control (Extended Mix + CD Sound) 3m 51s
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy 3m 43s
DJ Bobo feat. Sandra - Secrets Of Love 3m 19s
The Twins-Ballet DancerThe Twins-Ballet Dancer 1983 3m 22s
Italo Brothers - Stamp On The Groundnull 3m 35s
Peter Andre - Mysterious GirlPeter Andre - Mysterious Girl 3m 43s
Modern Talking -Chery, Chery Lady 3m 18s
Spagna - Easy LadyItalodisco 4m 11s
JohnnyM5Johnny M5 "I Need You" - live video from TV 3m 58s
Carrara - SOS Bandido 2m 58s
Ken Laszlo - Tonight Italo Disco Dance Classics Hi 4m 12s
Loona - Bailando 1998It is old clip from the nineties 3m 36s
Italo Disco Megamix Part 1 9m 58s
Dj KLoNoa Vs. Whigfield - Another Day 2006Videoclip de la nueva versión de "Another Day" de Whigfield, reversionada por Dj KLoNoa. Ritmo Dance-Reggaeton muy fiestero :) 3m 12s
London Boys-London Nights.. 3m 17s
Miko Mission How Old Are You 5m 58s
Captain Hollywood - More and More 3m 59s
The Flirts - Passion 3m 16s
Spagna - I wanna be your wife italo disco dance cl 4m
Samanta Fox - Touch Me 3m 31s
Dj Lhasa vs Gabry Ponte - GiuliaREAD THE INFO! THEN COMMENT! A great italodance track, nice girl and nice video! Sorry 'bout the quality.. Original version of this song is: Gianni Togni - Giulia Edit 090426: WOW! Over 1 million views, thats SICK! Thank you everyone for all the comments and great ranks! Alot of people have been asking for an english translation of this song, so here it is, roughly translated from italian: Giulia, dear, please save me. You who are single, my love, don't leave me alone in this cold night ... 4m 4s
den harrow - bad boy 3m 35s
Trans X -. Living On Video 3m 18s
VIA VERDI - DiamondOriginal Videoclip 3m 36s
Alphaville - Dance With Me 3m 57s
E-Type Life 3m 58s
P Lion - DreamsITALO DISCO 3m 51s
Bad Boys Blue I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat 3m 57s
Rednex - Old Pop In An Oak 3m 35s
Gina T - In my fantasy 3m 37s
Best of the 90's: Eurodance Clip Mix (4)90's music videos 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams Culture Beat - Mr. Vain Vengaboys - Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom [claimed] Maxx - No More 2 Unlimited - Workaholic Daze - Superhero Encore! - Le Disque-Jockey Alice Deejay - Will I Ever Ice MC - Think About The Way mix 1: youtube.com mix 2: youtube.com mix 3: youtube.com mix 5: youtube.com mix 6: youtube.com mix 7: youtube.com mix 8: youtube.com mix 9: youtube.com mix 10: youtube.com mix 11: youtube.com mix 12: youtube.com mix 13: youtube.com ... 6m 33s
Fancy - Bolero 3m 12s
Laroche Valmont - T'As Le Look Coco 3m 16s
Marinero 5m 53s
Modern Talking - Geronimo´s Cadillac 3m 14s
Den Harrow - Charleston 3m 37s
Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together 3m 59s
Dj Bobo - keep on dancing & sombody dance with me (Dj Bravo Joint Remix)Dj Bravo (ME:) debutes with his first upload. A homemade joint remix of two of Dj Bobos greatest hits; Keep on dancing and Sombody dance with me. Unfortunate for Mr. Bobo he didnt make the cut, but the tracks are way better this way. Ive used magix music maker 05 deluxe thereas the video sucks, but the track is good! Yours Bravo 2m 39s
Mauro Bouna Sera Ciao Ciao ( Sexy Poser Mix ) By Sergio LunaGreat Italo disco from 1987 Video clip filmed in transtel studio for the tv show disco rally & eurotops Now in Extended Version Remixed By Sergio Luna Free For All youtube comunity ! ENJOY !!! 6m 59s
OMD - Electricity 3m 24s
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy 2m 54s
DJ BOBO - FREEDOM - October 1995THE OFFICIAL DJ BoBo VIDEO-CLIP releasen in October 1995 3m 54s
Bananarama - Venus (DeeJay Medium Remix) 4m 11s
Pet Shop Boys - Heart (DeeJay Medium Remix) 4m 48s
Rick Astley - Take Me to Your Heart (DeeJay Medium 3m 56s
Corona - Try me out 3m 33s
Saphir - Shot in the Night 3m 3s
Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together 3m 59s
Kano - Another LifeKano - Another Life 3m 42s
Al Bano Carrisi & Romina Power - Felicita 3m 22s
Le Click - Call meeurodance hit from 1996 3m 43s
C C CATCH 8m 35s
Ken Laszlo-TonightOriginal "Tonight" italovideo! 4m 11s
Paul Rein - Stop 3m 3s
Bushman: No One ElseM&L: Bushman/Zamini/Uhlman Released 1995, Sweden. 3m 44s
Valerie Dore King Arthur originalValerie Dore King Arthur original 3m 44s
Eddy Huntington - U.S.S.R. 5m 18s
Garbo - Cose Veloci 4m 1s
666 - Bomba! 3m 47s
Hubert Kah - LimousineHubert Kah's Limousine 3m 36s
2 Brothers on the 4th floor - Dreams 3m 20s
Twenty 4 Seven - Oh Baby! 4m 57s
Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own 3m 51s
Ivan - Fotonovela 4m 26s
Romano Bais - Dial My NumberGreat Italo Disco song from 1985! I hope you like it too. Romano Bais also worked on Primadonna's 'Flashing on the Floor'. The song was published on vinyls in Spain, France, Sweden and of course Italy! Below lyrics: You're a pretender Impossible mission to keep in touch Hard to remember Moments together, a-ha My love is tender Even if you're far away tonight Why not surrender Passion is burning REFRAIN: I'm loving you on the telephone Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, dial my number Communication is ... 3m 35s
Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia ITALO DISCONew (2009) release of Eddy Huntington on I Venti d'Azzurro Records. Backing vocals by the one and only Silver Pozzoli. This video contains shots of the great party for Gretha and Martin where Eddy and Silvio performed. Vocals recorded at the Radio Stad Den Haag Studio. Enjoy this video, it makes you happy! 3m 57s
Abigail – Don’t you wanna know 3m 50s
Ace of Base – Cruel Summer 3m 41s
Spaghetti mix 2 ( Brian Ice Baltimora Miko Mission 3m 40s
Roni Griffith - Desire 2m 42s
Vision Talk - Dina Tankar (officiell musikvideo)The music video to Vision Talk's "Dina tankar" (available on the album "Dirty Italo Disco"). Directed by Carl Oscar Alsén. Photography by KG Stenborg. Band website: www.visiontalk.se 4m 3s
Plazma - you'll never meet an angelPlazma - you'll never meet an angel 3m 40s
Scotch - Disco Band (Festival Bar 1984)The Best.. 3m 12s
c.c.catch - heaven and helllive 2003 in Russia 3m 53s
Best of the 90's: Eurodance Clip Mix (5)90's music videos Sash! - Move Mania SOAP - This Is How We Party Twenty 4 Seven - We're The World Aqua - Cartoon Heroes Mr. President - Coco Jambo Dr. Alban - It's My Life Corona - Baby Baby 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This [claimed] Culture Beat - Inside Out mix 1: youtube.com mix 2: youtube.com mix 3: youtube.com mix 4: youtube.com mix 6: youtube.com mix 7: youtube.com mix 8: youtube.com mix 9: youtube.com mix 10: youtube.com mix 11: youtube.com mix 12: youtube.com mix 13: youtube.com mix ... 7m 27s
Mr. President - I'll Follow The Sun 3m 21s
Basic Element - FeelingsBasic, Element, Feelings, Lemon, Records, Peter, Andrea, Jonas 3m 35s
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