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Kanał został stworzony na zlecenie Le parkour Poland(www.leparkour-poland.oz.pl). Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone.

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ARTE Crew ParkourTraceurs: Belka, Sonny, Strzała, Jelon Places: Łódź, Kalisz, Częstochowa, Lisses Music: Bonobo - intro; Dj Babu, Little Brother & Joe Scudda - Nature sounds; Dj Shadow - Giving up the ghost; Heltah Skeltah - Call of the wild; RJD2 - Candyland part 1; Theory Hazit - IOU feat Braille Contact: belkaradek2@op.pl 9m 36s
Le Parkour AcademyOto co Hipek ma do powiedzenia na temat Le Parkour. Today Hippo teach us about Le Parkour. 6m 55s
Le Parkour - Crazy Russian Climbersthese guys are pimp 8m 24s
ReklamaPrzerwa w nadawaniu programów. 2m 18s
Parkour Generations: GoGirls!Short film by Julie Angel.The ladies from the Parkour Generations academy take to the streets of London. 3m 8s
Le Parkour 4Fun4fun - Le Parkour -FROP 9m 54s
Parkour and FreeRunningEdited by: sampsonparkour@hotmail.com Chase Armitage, 3Run, David Belle, Sebastien Foucan, Ciryl Raffaelli, Urban Free Flow, Dvinsk Clan, Urban Move, Emc Monkeys, AmericanParkour, The tribe. If you want credits leave me a pm. 3m 37s
Evolution- Le parkourDudes[3RUN] fiddling around with buildings More of these guys in www.3run.co.uk 6m 14s
Programatior 1 6s
Parkour Generations: VisionsA new film by Julie Angel & Parkour Generations. A rare insight into parkour vision by some of the originals of the discipline. When some of the best parkour practioners in the world take their friends of equal skill and exerience to a new spot, lines of opportunity appear. Not training, just fun, creative & chilled. 5m 59s
Parkour Generations: Training in the RainA new short film by Julie Angel with Parkour Generations.Kazuma leads his students in the pouring rain for their regular Friday night session."It's harder for your mind,"Johann Vigroux.To book outdoor or indoor classes go to parkourgenerations(dot)com 2m 12s
Parkour Generations: NYCNew York Training Day led by Parkour Generations. www.parkourgenerations.com A film by Julie Angel featuring Stephane Vigroux, Dan Edwardes and Chris Keighley. 19m 31s
Reklama 2 2m 43s
Programatior 2 11s
Parkour - New David Belle Interviewwww.youtube.com *Please subscribe to Glyphmedia* Newly released and inspirational video featuring David Belle talking about Parkour. Translation and subtitles courtesy of Joe Meuris - www.youtube.com 8m 59s
Parkour and Freerunning - David Belle and Sebastien Foucan rare interview*Please Subscribe* www.urbanfreeflow.com Footage from our PKday - OG jam in London. Featuring David and Seb back together for the first time in years. 8m 40s
best of David Belle´s videosthe founder of parkour, shows how it´s done. parkour performed by david belle music "Show Me How To Live" - Audioslave this is not crazy jumping. it has human values and morals. it envolves hard training and years of dedication. most of the things you see in this video look easy. But they are not. for example, the first jump you see in this video is around 5 meters high. (16.4 feet). that´sa lot for most humans. I´ve been there personally, And I can still remember myself hanging on that same ... 4m 30s
LE PARKOURawesome video 10m 5s
Le Parkour - Vancouver Film School (VFS)Created by Vancouver Film School students through the following VFS production program: VFS Film Production Director - Eric Morrison Director of Photography - Jerry Oliver Producer - Brandon Sears Editor - Gregory McCosham 7m 8s
Le Parkour- Yamakasihehe police is noobe xD! YAMAKASI best!!! 3m 40s
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