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Ellusionist decks reviewCredits: Jerry "The Flourishman", De'vo, dbsquared music by Dialated Peoples XCM Review of all Ellusionist decks 4m 8s
Deck Review: Ellusionist Bicycle Ghost Mini DeckA nice little novelty deck by Ellusionist. Not too many tricks can be done using it, but a nice collectable nonetheless. Terrible fanning, but decent spreading. I recommend this deck for your collection. Thanks for watching! Enjoy! 5m 23s
Tagged | Rich Ferguson | Teaser 2 | EllusionistGetting a prediction to reveal onto a spectator's body is not easy. Until now. Ellusionist hits the scene with Rich Ferguson's "Tagged". Rich has been writing on spectators for years and has crafted the perfect method. Available: Dec | 3 | 2008 www.ellusionist.com 58s
XFinger by Geoff Weber - Trailer - Ellusionist.comGeoff Weber created an effect that brings words to life. Imagine marking your finger with an X, then waving your hand, and the X jumps. Take a pen, draw on your hand and make it come to life. Available Dec 9th 2008 at: www.ellusionist.com 2m 31s
WINDOW by David Stone | Ellusionist.comwww.ellusionist.com Basically, a selected card penetrates the glass, then changes into a different selected card while that one is behind glass. * Ultra Visual * Instant reset * Unlimited Possibilities * Hand the card out and leave it with the spectator * Training by FISM winner David Stone 4m 1s
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