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Coma - Leszek ZukowskiSong of Polish Rock Band. 8m 16s
Coma- Ostrość na nieskończoność... 5m 45s
COMA - 100 tysięcy jednakowych miastsong of the polish super band :) 6m 51s
Coma - Nie wierze skurwysynomenjoy 6m
Coma - OcalenieKlip Coma - 'Ocalenie' w którym użyłem fragmenty filmu 'Szeregowiec Ryan'. W prawdzie jest w nim parę błędów i niedociągnięć, ale jest to pierwsza wersja tego klipu. Prosze o komenty co jest ok, a co powinno być zmienione, moze jakieś propozycje ?? każda kostruktywna opinia bardzo się dla mnie liczy ponieważ jest to mój pierwszy klip :D The clip 'Ocalenie' of Coma made by me. I used some parts of the movie 'Saving Private Ryan'. There are a few mistakes but it's the first version of the clip ... 5m 36s
Coma - SkaczemyComa - Skaczemy 3m 19s
COMA - 100 tysięcy jednakowych miastsong of the polish super band :) 6m 51s
Coma - SystemWykonawca: Coma, coma.art.pl Utwor System Album: Zaprzepaszczone Sily Wielkiej Armii Swietych Znakow Rok: 2006 4m 16s
Hunter - T.E.L.I.Hunter - TELI 4m 39s
Hunter - BiałoCzerw (Live @ VII Rock Bez Igły, 21-09-07)Hunter Live! 5m 12s
Hunter - OsiemHunter-OsieM Stary niedźwiedź... podobno śpi... Podobno nie trzeba się bać... Mówi się na mieście, żeby cicho siedzieć... Jak się zbudzi... to nasss... Dla ciebie WSZYSTKO PANIE MÓJ! Dla ciebie krew, udręka, łzy! Dla ciebie rzeźnia Pogan... By właściwego bogaCIĆ! Dal ciebie nawrócimy świat! Dla ciebie jest ten krwawy bal! Za wszystko, co dla ciebie... W niebie odbiorę BO !!! BO !!! BO ... BO!!! Stare bóstwa podobno śpią... Podobno nie nada sie bać... Mówią na ulicy, żeby cicho chodzić... Jak ... 6m 10s
Hunter-FantasmagoriaHunter-"Fantasmagoria" from "Medeis". www.hunter.art.pl 4m 6s
Hunter- StrasznikHunter, Strasznik 3m 43s
HUNTER "Labirynt Fauna" official video HQdir. D.Szermanowicz &P.Krawczyk dop. S.Panasewicz, B. Bujko post. Hesus prod. www.grupa13.com 4m 42s
Hunter - Śmierci ŚmiechKoncert zespołu "Hunter" w gdyńskim Uchu, 13.12.2007. Utwór "Śmerci Śmiech" z najnowszego, jeszcze nie wydanego albumu 5m 13s
Hunter - Armia Boga06 - HellWood (2009) 7m
Serj Tankian "Empty Walls" official videoSerj Tankain's "Empty Walls" official music video. thanks for the 1000+ views! 3m 53s
Serj Tankian - BabyDirected by Isaac "Eye-Sack" Flores Co-directed by George Tonikian 3m 30s
Serj Tankian - Elect The DeadDirected by: Garine Torossian 2m 55s
Serj Tankian - Fears- CHECK THE LYRICS HERE - New music of Serj Tankian, written especially for the Write-A-Thon, for human rights. LYRICS: A look from your heart stare, Imagine all the tear, You took upon your fragile heel The mirror of the hate You filled your heart with fate To avenge your loved long lost fears We pound our fist to the face, Of fear to seize the cruelty, Arresting your silence and Freeing your poor soul. The prison walls can tell The agony from hell You felt within your melting soul Faces on ... 3m 17s
Whats Up People-Maximum HormoneDeath Note theme song 2 full version!!! 4m 16s
System Of A Down - Fuck The SystemEDIT: Ah, every time someone tells me the lyrics are wrong... that just puts a smile on my face... This is a video I made from the song Fuck The System by System Of A Down. It's one of the first videos I ever made, so excuse me for the little mistakes in it. The sound isn't exectly in sync with the rest, but when I noticed that, it was already to late to change it, so... 2m 16s
System of a Down - ArialsThe music video to the song "Arials" by System of a Down 4m 2s
System of a Down-HypnotizeSystem of a Down "Hypnotize" Hypnotize 3m 47s
system of a down - byobsystem of a down - byob 4m 27s
System Of A Down - Forest #08System Of A Down Album. Toxicity Song: Forest Year: 2001 Lyrics: Walk with me my little child To the forest of denial Speak with me my only mind Walk with me until the time Make the forest turn to wine You take the legend for a fall You saw the product CHORUS : Why can't you see that you are my child Why don't you know that you are my mind Tell everyone in the world that I'm you Take this promise to the end of you Walk with me my little friend Take this promise to the end Speak with me my ... 4m
System Of A Down - Prison Song #01System Of A Down Album: Toxicity Song: Prison Song Year: 2001 Lyrics: "They're trying to build a prison, They're trying to build a prison, Following the rights movements You clamped down with your iron fists, Drugs became conveniently Available for all the kids, Following the rights movements You clamped down with your iron fists, Drugs became conveniently Available for all the kids, I buy my crack, my smack, my bitch, Right here in Hollywood, Nearly 2 million Americans are incarcerated In ... 3m 21s
System Of A Down - Dreaming #02System Of A Down Album: Hypnotize Song: Dreaming Year: 2005 Lyrics: For today we will take the body parts and put them on the wall For treated indigenously, digenously Human right is private blue chip, pry We're the prophetic generation of bottled water, of bottled water Causing poor populations to die!, to die!, to die! (For treated indigenously, digenously) (Human right is private blue chip, pry) You You went beyond And you lost it all Why did you go there? From beyond you saw it all Why ... 3m 59s
System of A Down- AttackSystem of a down playing "attack" from their CD "hypnotize". 3m 20s
Korn - Word UpMusicvideo for the song Word Up by Korn 2m 46s
Korn - Alone I BreakAlone I Break music video 4m 23s
KoRn- Here To StayHigh Quality.... One of the BEST music videos ever, exaggeration not included... 4m 58s
korn - got the lifekorn got the live musicvideo 3m 35s
Korn-OneKorn covering Metallica's One. 4m 6s
Korn- Twisted TransistorKorn - Twisted Transistor 2m 50s
Dragonforce -- Through The Fire And Flames -- (OFFICIAL VIDEO)........━━━━━━━ .......................┏┓Copy & Paste ┏┫ ┏┓ ┏┓ ┣┓ ┃┃ ┗┫ ┃ ┣┛ ┏━━┻┃I got rick rolled ┃ ┗━━━┛ ┃ ┣━━━┃ And i like it :D ┗━┳━┳━━━┛ ┣━━ ┏━▇▇▇━┓ ........┣━ Dragonforce - Through the fire and flames Album: Inhuman Rampage 5m
Dragonforce - Where Dragons RuleAlbum: Valley of the Damned 5m 57s
Dragonforce - Cry of the BraveAlbum: Sonic Firestorm 5m 47s
Sabaton - 40:1 Official videoOfficial video for 40:1 by Sabaton. This song is about the Battle of Wizna in Poland 1939 where Cpt Raginis and his brave 720 soliders defended Wizna from the nazis. Polish subtitles. www.sabaton.net Credits: Camera: Tomasz Nowak Editing: Bartek Bretes Directed by: Jacek Raginis Production: EUROWORK & STUDIES' Cooperation: European Centre Of Solidarity 4m 23s
40:1 - Legendary video!... 40:1 Official video sabaton This song is about the Battle of Wizna in Poland 1939 where 40-1 Cpt Raginis and his brave 720 soliders defended from nazis polish subtitles heinz guderian hitler blitzkreig nazi sabaton.pl warsaw uprising 303 september 1944 satan metal heavy art war primo victoria panzer battalion polskie napisy westerplatte first to fight spartans heros ww2 world thermopylae heroes termopile nazister adolf sweden polen krig hårdrock 4m 10s
Sabaton - Primo Victoria [Saving Private Ryan] VideoAn amateur Music Video of Primo Victoria made by me. All clips are stolen from Saving Private Ryan. Hope you like it 4m 15s
Sabaton - Ghost DivisionHere is one of the new songs from the new sabaton album, The Art of War called Ghost division..Enyoy :D 7m 6s
Sabaton - Attero DominatusFirst Official Sabaton Video Sorry about the missing intro, aprox. 7 sec. www.panzerbattalion.com 3m 51s
Sabaton "Wolf Pack" Polskie NapisyEnglish text version : To their own shore came the world war Gleaves and Ingham Leading the bury west Took the short way in The long route back convoy 92 Bury Gleaves and Ingham leading Tankers to the west And upon the north atlantic Lies the silence of the seas On a quiet night in the darkest hour The kriegsmarine appear Above the surface it seems quiet and calm Deep down below the wolfpack lurks To their own shore came the world war Gleaves and Ingham Leading the bury west In their own ... 6m 9s
Sabaton-Nuclear AttackSabaton-Nuclear Attack THE END** NOT THA END XD :) fat man not fat boy sorry,i made a mistake Dropped from Enola, a city erased, threat of the future displayed A power unheard of a power unseen Flash out of nowhere, the sky is burning At 8:16 AM Tokyo control realized something was wrong Reports of explosions, destruction and pain Air raid from hell city gone in a blaze August in black, B-29's coming back Prepare for nuclear attack Warned but did not heed Prepare for nuclear attack ... 4m 10s
Sabaton - The Price Of a Mile // Polskie napisy & English subtitlesMy 3rd clip of Sabaton In The Name Of God: www.youtube.com 40:1 (Fourty to One): www.youtube.com I'm sorry for materials from World War II 16-17 stycznia (January) 2009 5m 57s
Totentanz-ParanojaTotentanz płyta Zimny Dom Rock / Muzyka alternatywna / Metal 3m 6s
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse1st single from hit album 'Black Holes and Revelations' 3m 35s
Muse - Plug In Babymmmm 3m 38s
Muse - Butterflies & HurricanesMuse - Butterflies & Hurricanes Video Clip 4m 30s
Muse - HysteriaHysteria By Muse Lyrics: it's bugging me, grating me and twisting me around yeah I'm endlessly caving in and turning inside out 'cause I want it now I want it now give me your heart and your soul and I'm breaking out I'm breaking out last chance to lose control yeah it's holding me, morphing me and forcing me to strive to be endlessly cold within and dreaming I'm alive 'cause I want it now I want it now give me your heart and your soul I'm not breaking down I'm breaking out last chance to ... 3m 47s
Drowning Pool - Bodies (High Quality)Drowning Pool - Bodies (2001) www.drowningpool.pl 3m 34s
Drowning pool-The gamesong 050000 VEIWS! Edit dec 14 2008 6:16 pm 119572 VIEWS! Edit dec 29 2008 10:45 pm 131882 VIEWS! Edit may 08 2009 3:10 am 262684 VIEWS! Edit june 10, 2009 5:06 pm 301329 VIEWS! Edit july 12, 2009 7:14 pm 350921 VIEWS! 3m 32s
Drowning Pool - Sinner (Best Quality)Drowning Pool - Sinner (2001) www.drowningpool.pl 2m 47s
The Analogs - Oi! MłodzieżThe Analogs - Oi! Młodzież 3m 24s
The analogs- Blask szminkiBlask szminki 3m 32s
The Analogs - DziewczynyThe Analogs - Dziewczyny 3m 4s
The Analogs- PożegnanieThe Analogs- Pożegnanie 3m 27s
The Analogs - dzieciaki atakujące policje , ANTIFEST 2003. 2m 48s
The Analogs-Truciznaanalogs 2m 42s
The Analogs - Blask SzminkiThe Analogs - Blask Szminki 3m 32s
The Analogs - Przegranyutwór z nowej plytki Analogsów 3m 19s
the analogs Nasze Ciałathe analogs, oi! 4m 10s
The Analogs- Era Technokultowa pieśń kultowego zespołu 3m 3s
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