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Jak w tytule :) Najlepsza azjatycka i mało znana muzyka! Odnajdz swojego idola nie tylko w Lady Gaga i innych gwiazd MTV. Unikalna muzyka tylko tutaj! :) Muzyka z Azji, i całego świata!

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SID - Natsukoi PVSID - Natsukoi PV 4m 38s
Polysics - Catch on Everywhere (HD)*Copyright Disclaimer: I Dont own any rights to the videos and this was posted only to bring more people into the world of Polysics. ------------------- One of my other favorites ENJOY! 4m 2s
ELLEGARDEN - MissingELLEGARDEN, Missing 3m 16s
BACK-ON - Sands of timeNEW PV! 3m 20s
Miz - BittersweetMiz - Bittersweet, Shes Cute www.mizrock.com 3m 58s
Girugamesh - Owari to MiraiThe new PV "Owari to Mirai" 4m 17s
Arashi - We can make it! [LIVE]Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time-kotoba no chikara- 3m
BIGBANG 2NE1 - Lollipop MV [HQ]2NE1 Debut with BIGBANG 3m 13s
Cherry Filter - 파리Korean altenative pop-rock *from 2000 3m 34s
Shiina Ringo - Tsumi to Batsu [DVD]06 Tsumi to Batsu [DVD]Shiina Ringo - Watashi no Hatsuden 5m 33s
t. m. revolution zipstakanori nishikawa and gundam seed 4m 16s
Boa- Be the OneBoa Be the One music video 3m 53s
倖田來未 / ECSTASYwww.rhythmzone.net 3m 35s
Miwako Okuda - Aozora no HateAozora no Hate is a mid-paced rock song (that has some awesome guitar riffs) with sad lyrics. The lyrics depict a girl wanting to commit suicide (by jumping off the roof of a school) after being rejected by a guy: Don't let go of my hand till the end of the blue sky. Will you sleep, sleep together with me? Under that sky is the 16 year old me, who you deserted. 4m 56s
Metronome - mittsu kazoero [PV]Metronome - mittsu kazoero [PV] 4m 18s
[MV] Rain - Rainism (Full Ver.)비(Rain) - Rainism 5m 21s
Ayumi Hamasaki - About You [LIVE] 3m 49s
ELLE GARDEN Red Hot PV [高画質]elle garden red hot pv 2m 55s
Miz-In the SkyTheme Song from the PS2game GRANDIA III 3m 4s
[HQ] Big Bang - Last Farewell (Eng Sub)the audio kinda messed up at 00:59-01:05 and one tiny grammer error, but nonetheless, nothing is wrong. 5m 23s
B'z SPLASH!高画質PV 3m 57s
2NE1 - FIRE (Street Version)[MV] 2NE1 - FIRE (파이어) (Street Version) thanks 그렇습니다 3m 50s
Big Bang-Emotion NEW SONG! ENGLISH LYRICS HQPlease rate && Comment.! Enjoy (; Even though I know that this is a dangerous face I cannot stop Breaking your rule Fool Burning love Higher The silence in my heart Shout through our eyes I wanna touch I wanna kiss I wish with you Oh Oh Oh What to captivate you Just you Just now Come baby Come baby Come Oh Oh Oh If it is not now Ride here Ride now Its all ready in motion We have already fallen into love for sure Its in motion Its emotion Embracing with feeling Its in motion Time has Already ... 3m 23s
Polysics - RocketPolysics brings us a new video from their upcoming album "We are the machine" to release in the US SEPTEMBER 30, 2008. 3m 23s
Tae Yang - Prayer MVtae yang's prayer off of his first album hot 3m 45s
★B'Z - IT'S SHOWTIME!! {PV & CM}★It's Showtime!! is the 34th Maxi Single by B'z, released on March 26, 2003. This song is one of B'z many number-one singles in Oricon charts. 4m 48s
BIGBANG - WITH Uビッグバン・ウィス ユー / WITH U(2008年05月) 3m 24s
Big Bang(TaeYang) Look At Me (eng sub)Big Bang(TaeYang) Look At Me (eng sub) 6m 32s
Epik High - FANFrom Epik High's album Remapping the Human Soul, released on 1/23/07, comes the song FAN. Enjoy this MV everyone! If you'd like a downloadable version of this in better quality, you can download it from the following link: uploaded.to All video credits go to Epik High! Uploading credits go to .Cherry. @ Soompi as original uploader and poster. 4m 31s
Ayumi Hamasaki - GameAyumi Hamasaki 浜崎あゆみ - Game ♦ Official Music Video © Avex Trax Entertainment, Inc. 4m 12s
B'z - SURFIN' 3000GTR(PV)B'z - SURFIN' 3000GTR(PV) 1m 13s
Acid Black Cherry - Jigsaw PVAcid Black Cherry - Jigsaw PV Aww Despues veo si puedo traducirlo al español y subirlo con subs *-* 5m 40s
Tohoshinki - Mirotic24th single by tohoshinki 3m 47s
Se7en - Girls feat. LiL KimSe7en's First US Debut Single "Girls" Music Video Ft. Lil Kim 3m 44s
Namie Amuro video: WHAT A FEELINGNamie Amuros video What a Feeling no copyright infringement intended 3m 56s
G-DRAGON - Heartbreaker (OFFICIAL MV) HQG-DRAGON (BIGBANG) - ハートブレイカー ☆待望ソロ第一弾MV完成!! 3m 50s
G-Dragon(Big Bang) - Heartbreaker(Sep 6, 2009)# G-Dragon - Heartbreaker @ Popular Song(Sep 6, 2009) 3m 21s
MUCC - ZetsubouThe PV to the song Zetsubou [Despair] by MUCC! 4m 49s
An Cafe - Snow SceneAn Cafe - Snow Scene Please - do NOT argue about Tokio Hotel here. There are people who like them (I personally don't) and just let them be. Also refain from cursing, or your comment will be deleted :) 4m 36s
[安室奈美恵 Namie Amuro] Do Me More [HQ]Do Me More Namie Amuro BEST FICTION 2008 5m 16s
Epik High - Love Love Love [MV] Eng Sub^^ This song is really addicting... i kept listening to it... and so ... i decided to make subs xD enjoy :) 3m 49s
SID~Sweet PVSID's PV sweet this is a awesome song enjoy 4m 18s
Koda Kumi - Taboo 4m 6s
BIGBANG - Haru Haruビッグバン・ハル ハル / NUMBER 1(2008年10月) 5m 23s
(Polysics) Electric Surfin' Go GoDon't use drugs. Watch this. 3m 51s
misono VSPV from Misono Song: Vs Artist: Misono This is opening for tales of the tempest, nds game. 4m 24s
Miyavi - Jibun Kakumei 2003miyavi's pv: Jibun Kakumei 2003 4m 29s
[MV] One - Epik High*click more info for FAQ & lyrics . One by Epik High ft. Ji Sun from Loveholic MV starring Jung Ryeo Won FAQ; _ JRW writes 'Wound' / 'Scar' on the mirror. _ JRW stars in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Franceska, ETC. _ This MV is open to your own interpretation(: _ This is KOREAN. _ disrespectful comments are automatically deleted. because i can. ha! LYRICS; (thanks, kyo331) You, your tears are flooding down your cheeks, flooding for no reason. Nobody knows the pieces of a glass storm are blowing ... 4m 9s
ONE OK ROCK - Keep it realONE OK ROCK - keep it real its their first single :] enjoyy! 3m 39s
SID - Hosoi KoeSID's Hosoi Koe PV 5m 7s
Alice Nine - ShunkashuutouAlice Nine Shunkashuutou. Why the hell would you make a pv about school? Lyrics: Haru ha mimi wo nadate, natsu ha kami wo soyogu, aki no someta iro ni, fuyu ni tachi tsukusu. muryoku datta bokura wa, shudan wo sagashiteita, jibun ga tobudake no, asu e no tsubasa wo yurete, yurarete, habatakeru toki made fui ni ochita shisen no saki doko e, dokomade arukeba... fusaideita beroa no yoru ni mo ashita no mukae ga kuru kara mabayukute kokyuu sura dekinai, kagayakeru kono hibi wa haru ni saita yume ... 4m 48s
Ayumi Hamasaki - Sparkleasian, nation, Hamasaki, Ayumi, Sparkle 4m 43s
BIGBANG - MY HEAVENデビューシングル「MY HEAVEN」が遂に完成。永遠と思っていた人を失った気持ち・・・ 忘れられないあの人を想う気持ち・・・「逢いたくて 逢いたくて」。 「MY HEAVEN」は誰もが経験したことのある切ない愛の想いを唄ったリアル号泣ソング。 まさに日本中でBIGBANG(大爆発)現象を巻き起こす1曲です! 3m 56s
Are you alive?music video ... LIV manabu oshio TRIS 4m 12s
Koda Kumi: ButterflyKumi, Koda, Butterfly, Japanese 4m 41s
Ayumi Hamasaki- Curtain Call PV(LQ)Ayumi Hamasaki- curtain call PV 3m 45s
Koda Kumi Hot StuffShe is the real Hot Stuff ;) 4m 31s
T.M. Revolution- Ignited~enjoy~ 3m 9s
Don't you ever stop - KAT-TUN [4min vid]Don't you ever stop - KAT-TUN New single Great song and video.. must say i like Jin dancing! :p 4m 24s
ONE OK ROCK - Yoru ni Shika Sakanai Mangetsu"Yoru ni Shika Sakanai Mangetsu" (夜にしか咲かない満月) from ONE OK ROCK's "Yo no Naka Shredder" Live 3m 57s
Ayumi Hamasaki - 09 - IdentityNinth Track on Ayumi Hamasaki's 10th album, "NEXT LEVEL" named "Identity" © copyright by Label: Avex Trax Producer: Max Matsuura Artist/picture: Ayumi Hamasaki Uploaded for promotional purposes only. 4m 23s
Ayumi Hamasaki - FairylandAyumi Hamasaki - Fairyland (official music video) from the album: miss understood 2005 5m 29s
John Legend - If You're Out ThereJohn Legend - If You're Out There - Evolver 4m 23s
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