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Brujeria-MarijuanaBrujeria-Marijuana 3m 11s
Cannibal Corpse - Butchered at BirthFrom the 1991 album "Butchered at Birth" Lyrics: Birth is always painful Decaying in the womb Trapped within this body A bleeding human tomb Gutted bitch lies dead Emptied of the child Chewing on the cords Its life line to this world Afterbirth is flowing The stench is overwhelming My body, growing stronger My pain turns to torture Severing its bloodline A butchered infant carcass Meat from the unborn The freshest kills Chopped up children Bathing in blood Contoured and festering I rot in disgust Re-generation of my body Mother ripped apart Smashing in her face My knife cutting holes Fucking her remains Esophogus carved out Crushing cartilage Bile oozing from punctures in your liver Riping meat within Chewing in intestine Bladder spurting urine Sight of defecation Now grow infection The child ripped to shreads Drinking its excretions Zombification Ejaculation over mutilation On the Mother's body hacked into pieces The sludges from my cock gives her life once again Sewing the remains of the child deep within her Reborn through evil My torture known throughout Hell Heed to his calling The demons await my next kill Carnage is my fetish Body cavities scraped of guts Brains seeping from cracks As my axe continues to hack 2m 45s
Cannibal Corpse - I Will Kill YouBleed for my pain Revenge on treacherous snakes They will pay Slicing the flesh Sculptured wounds my catharsis I will stain Into the heart Needle injects gasoline Convulsions The one that they betrayed Has made them this way Plagued by the bastards I will kill you Killed by my rage Scream at my face The grisly scars went unavenged Until now Deep in the hole You are not gagged and scream aloud But unheard Choke on your vomit You watch your hands cut off Then your legs The one that you betrayed Will kill you this way Scarred by the bastards I will kill you Killed by my rage I must kill you Into the throat The scalpel slices Warm blood sprays out The gushing entices Pull out your heart And let you watch Shove in your mouth Then stab your crotch I watch your agony I am released From years of pain Your death averted My becoming insane You are dead I have killed you 2m 47s
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