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Kanał z muzyką rockową: Hayatebune, U2, Dire Straits , Jimmy Hendrix... Znajdziecie tu dużo amerykańskiego, brytyjskiego oraz japońskiego rocka Rozszerzenie tego kanału jest na: http://pinotv.pl/kanal/rock-tv

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1969 - Jimi Hendrix - Red House Blues - At Woodstock1969 - Jimi Hendrix - Red House Blues - At Woodstock, Monday, August the 18th, at 4:10 PM 5m 41s
Long Way To Lily (the song of 700miles)未完成(詳細は下記) blog.livedoor.jp ... 疾風船 hayatebune 日本 japan band rock guitar music ロック ギター imaginat blow cd respect blackmore yngwie uli schenker jimi 2m 1s
HAYATEBUNE Improvises on JerryC's Canon Rock (&fmt=18)blog.livedoor.jp Finally, Captain Ed also played Canon Rock!!! He only listened to Canon Rock several times and he never saw the tab. Last night, Keijyu gave him JerryC's BG, so he played it by the improvisation. (Explanation by tajiko) 5m 2s
1970 Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady1970 Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady 7m 34s
Canon Rock by JerryC with Japanese guitaristsCanonRockを生み出したJerryCと日本人ギタリスト達の撮り下ろしコラボレーション動画です。 2008年11月23日に行われたYouTube LIVE TOKYO feat. iQでリアルに共演もされています。 ↓ jp.youtube.com This version arranged by Hellman for YouTube Live TOKYO. This animation is made with HD and a stereo. Please look in middle quality or a high quality if possible. 動画の右下に【HDで表示する】というリンクがあるのでそれをクリックするとハイビジョン画質になります。 もしなかった場合はこちらをクリック。 High 6m 13s
nirvana smells like teen spirit officialofficial video of nirvana 4m 56s
ZZ Top - La GrangeZZ Top Live In Texas 7m 41s
Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix (High Quality)Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix. www.wekastar.com - Online Amateur Musicians site that has weekly competitions and prizes. Please Register for all weekly competition updates. 3m 40s
MOONSHADE (DH Ver) by Hellman Guitar Idol 2009 EntryGuitar Idol 2009 entory!! The Final Online Heat of Guitar Idol 2009 has started today! Absolutely I want to go through this heat, and advance to Grand Final in London for playing with famous artists! Vote for me please! www.guitaridol.tv TAB & Bucktruck in 2nd mini Album 「Dreamers High」 hellman.jp ギターアイドル2009 オンラインファイナルに出場しております!! 皆様投票を宜しくお願い致します!! 投票方法など詳細はHPからどうぞ!! hellman.jp TAB hellman.jp 3m 58s
u2- live - with or without youu2 live in boston 2001 5m 29s
Mr.Immigrant (j/k)this is a joke! I like George Lynch. improvises(always このビデオの解説 Explanation of this video(japanese) blog.livedoor.jp ... hayatebune 疾風船 japan band rock guitar music 恐怖さん respect zep jimmy page george lynch yngwie uli jimi ロック ギター 2m 22s
Rammstein sonneRammstein sonne clip 3m 56s
ZZ Top - TushZZ Top Live In Texas 3m 20s
RISING SUN -Waitin' for the dawn- (LIVE at Imaginat Blow GIG 2 part.3)また照明が暗ぇええええええええええ!なんなのもう! blog.livedoor.jp 5m 22s
Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing (Live)Live preformance from Mark Knopfler, of the Dire Straits fame. This was taken from the 'Night in London' VHS. you can download the video as a MPEG file from here: rapidshare.com 10m 51s
Canon Rock by Hellmanhellman.jp You can buy Hellman's 1st album Far East Odyssey at cdbaby.com! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ cdbaby.com canon rock arranged by JerryC Now, I'm entering the competition, Guitar Idol 2008. I need your help and support. If you like my music, go and vote for me. I'll be greatly thankful. www.guitar-idol.co.uk From Hellman With Love 5m
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (Live, 1973)The original Mark II lineup playing "Smoke on the Water" in New York, 1973. One of the final performances, this is one of the only videos of the band performing it in the 70's w/ Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. Enjoy! 5m 19s
AC/DC Highway to Hell Live!!Live from the Stiff upper lip tour!! 4m 5s
U2 One(2003-06-21_Dublin)U2 play One in the Dublin paraolympics 4m 47s
OP(t.h.k.b.r.) & JAN (LIVE at Imaginat Blow GIG 2 part 1)アス比が変(・ω・)4:3でも16:9でもない、なんだよもう。 しかしホント照明暗いな...見づらくて申し訳ないです。 blog.livedoor.jp 7m 13s
ZZ Top - Just Got PaidZZ Top Live In Texas 7m 10s
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