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NOKIA Extreme BMX DirtNOKIA Extreme - BMX Dirt 2007 4m 27s
BMX Finale der T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2008BMX Final T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2008 - Harry Maine versus Dave Osato 5m 25s
Extreme BMX Crashes ! ! !((((((((((((((((((((READ DESCRIPTION))))))))))))))))))))) i filmed & edited this, if you dont believe me thats your problem, STOP saying that this video is not extreme,this vid is some what of a joke... for the dumb people that cant see that the crashes arnt truly extreme the music i put should explain that i was simply bord & made this for fun... why did i have extreme in the title because youtube only puts videos in the "spot light" if they have good or interesting title, I have proof to ... 3m 22s
eXtreme - BMXSome tricks from BMX 6m 47s
demo tribal xtreme roller skate bmx djle team tribal xtreme en action 4m 16s
EXTREME THING 2006 PRO BMX CHALLENGE2006 Las Vegas Pro BMX Challenge 4m 2s
X Games 14 BMX Big Air HighlightsEnjoy ;) 3m 47s
BMX on Extreme SportsBMX on Extreme Sports 5m 17s
FISE 2008 - BMX DirtFISE 2008 - BMX Dirt 13m 4s
FISE 2008 - BMX StreetFISE 2008 - BMX Street 13m 12s
2005 Extreme Thing BMX ContestVideo by Ricardo Laguna at ricardolaguna.com This contest was a hit! check it out 9m 13s
extreme skateboardinganother montage by rodney mullens. amazing footwork and balance on a skateboard, stunts, grinds, jumps, a must see. 4m 44s
extreme skateboardingextreme skateboarding 5m 24s
Extreme Skateboarding 1Extreme Skateboarding 1. Orginal by KevZZor 5m 26s
Extreme Skateboarding 2Extreme Skateboarding 2 4m 44s
Extreme Skateboarding 3The 3:rd of the "Extreme Skateboarding" series! Check out my 1st and second too!! :D 2m 17s
Extreme Skateboard BailsLike the title says skateboard bails some extreme and some not so extreme. 5m 17s
totally extreme skateboard bloopersonslaught of old clips and stupid shit 8m 6s
Extreme SnowboardingSnowboarding video, many tricks, off-slope with german Rap by Kool Savas. Watch and enjoy. Please stop bitching about the song. Song is called: 'King of Rap' by 'Kool Savas' Lyrics: www.allthelyrics.com 4m 12s
Terje's Extreme Snowboard EXtreme DescentExtreme Snowboard Descent Xtreme Sports 3m 46s
flo orley - extreme snowboard freeriding alaskaIn 2006, flo orley and mitch tolderer once again hit the famous chugach mountain range in alaska to ride some of the best lines of the winter on their boards. check out 20m cliffdrops and more! 5m 30s
Holy S*** - eXtreme Ski + SnowboardMAN!!! What a Group Of Pro`s Take a Look, MAN!!! I Cant Write From The Adrenalin Rush... RESPECT TO THE SKIER`S AND THE SNOWBORDER`S IN THIS MOVIE! 3m 17s
Snowboarding ExtremeFeedback appreciated U can type &fmt=18 at end of url for HQ Clips From Standard Films-Draw The Line 3m 38s
operation mad cow extreme snowboardsnowboard movie a-team style from the fabulous Airpatrol extreme team 6m 11s
Dynastar Ski Freeride Absolute Winter 1 saison 2005-2006www.dynastar.com Video by Dynastar of ski freeride-backountry, extreme jump, base jump. Riders Aurélien Ducroz, Dana Flahr, Thomas Diet, Sebastien Collomb-Gros, Jon Larson, Karina Hollekim, Stephane Dan, Eric Roner. Place: Chamonix, Snowbird, La Clusaz, Les Diablerets... Season: 2005-2006 Scene dvd: Absolute Winter 1 By Dynastar - Lange Skis Company We Live Skiing Join Us ... Dynastar lange ski Freeride absolute legend jump extreme backcountry powder base Aurélien Ducroz Diet Larson Chicherit ... 6m 57s
SnowBoard Addiction How To Backside 360 Extreme!!www.snowboardaddiction.com Want to learn to Snowboard now? If so... you've come to the right place! Snowboard Addiction is a unique snowboard coaching program - consisting of downloadable videos, manuals and audios Nev Lapwood is a professional Snowboard Instructor and will teach you all the basic learn to snowboard techniqes to get you shredding confidentely. (Snowboard Addiction also makes a comprehensive freestyle snowboard coaching system Here's what you get: Learn to Snowboard Program ... 9m 4s
Speed of Life -- Extreme Snowboarder JourneyCompetitive snowboarder Amy Purdy's inspirational journey is the centerpiece of this compelling and uplifting film. It is a story of a young woman's passion, spirit, and healing along her road back into extreme sports after a near-death experience. 7m 30s
SnowBoard Addiction How To Backside 360 Extreme!!tiny.cc Want to learn to Snowboard now? If so... you've come to the right place! Snowboard Addiction is a unique snowboard coaching program - consisting of downloadable videos, manuals and audios Nev Lapwood is a professional Snowboard Instructor and will teach you all the basic learn to snowboard techniqes to get you shredding confidentely. (Snowboard Addiction also makes a comprehensive freestyle snowboard coaching system Here's what you get: Learn to Snowboard Program: Comes with a custom ... 9m 4s
Extreme RollerbladingRollerblading down the road in 70km/t 4m 36s
HardCORE Extreme RollerBladingThe latest addition to the "HardCORE" series of EXTREME sports. This is "EXTREME Rollerblading" Starring Mitch as EXTREME BLADER. Watch as he tears up the local skate park and the mysterious street that features in all these films.. Edited by Ben & Mitch 4m 20s
Extreme rollerblading. part 1moe mike amd willies falling 9m 51s
eXtreme aggressive roller blading montage #2I cant believe some of you think we are bladers,i actualy hate blading, the only reason why i made this video was to show how lame it wuz, i skateboard, i borrowed the blades from my gay brother.so stop hating..watch in high quality. you can see the first montage on my account. woodward 08... 4m 45s
Extreme Sports Rollerblade School. Extremely xxx Xtreme !The world's best inline skaters smash ribs into rails and get kicked out of high school in this episode of "PHC." Hosted by Megan Abrigo from "Deal Or No Deal." Music: Daniel James "Saturday Night" 3m 39s
Pen Spinning Stunts!!!!Japanese r Crazy... juz take a look at the pen spin stuns.... Wordless 2m 43s
Galileo - PenSpinning (Beitrag) - Part 1... 6m 51s
Pen Spinning BasicsThe Basic Tricks With A Bit Of Description... 3m 32s
Unofficial (?) Pen Spinning Promo 1Music : Evolution by Ayumi Hamasaki =] Woot, quite happy of the result. Please keep in mind that Taeryong, KTH;, Bonito, ChauTran, Lalalilalo, TONYMONTANAED, $weety and I purposely amde the videos for this collab. It is an evolution of what was my original project : WSU Lack of videos on deadline and other problems led to the abandoning of the WSU collab, Taeryong then re-used his combo for FPSB + KPSA (Since I wasn't using it ^-^ ), but hey who cares xD Have fun watching as much as I had ... 4m 29s
Pen Spinning Basics 22nd Part Of Pen Spinning Basics 5m 13s
Pen Spinning - Thumb Around TutorialIn-depth tutorial on how to do the thumb around. Great introduction for pen-spinners of all levels. Give it a try! Song is: rjd2-ghostwriter 3m 5s
50 Penspinning TricksContains the following tricks: TA ######################################### Thumbaround Fingerless Thumbaround Double/Cont Thumbaround Thumbaround Reverse Fingerless Thumbaround Reverse Double/Cont Fingerless Thumbaround Reverse Thumbaround Extended Thumbspin 1.5 Tab ##############... 1m 5s
Penspinning Basics Part 3The 3rd Part Of The Basics. Sorry About The Lousy Quality; I Wasn't Able To Figure Out How To Use My Laptop's Camera. I Had To Settle With My 3.2Megapixel HandPhone Camera. 4m 51s
Extreme Pen SpinningExtreme pen spinning action. This club's like a martial arts academy....for pens. 1m 21s
Pen Spinning DemonstrationThe video that convinced me to start training PenSpinning. La vidéo qui m'a motivé pour apprendre le Pen Spinning. Song : Dawn of Victory - by Rhapsody of Fire Lyrics : Fire is raging on the battlefield while Arwald is fighting the war of the kings The army of Dargor, the thunder, the storm... so people are calling the brave and his sword No time left to save the wise throne! Shades of a past not so far to forget... the rise of the demons from their bloody hell! So come mighty warrior to ... 3m 9s
FingerboardingFingerboarding 1m 22s
A fingerboard dreamWATCH IN HIGH QUALITY! A short movie about a guy who dreams about fingerboarding. I got most of my inspiration and ideas from Alexis Milants Opus 0. This is my first time trying to do a movie like this so i accept all constructive criticism. The fingerboard used in the video is a Berlin wood regular with riptape, winkler wheels, td trucks and riptape tuning. Made by Daniel Lindqvst 08/06/17 #32 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation #12 - Top Favorites (Today) - Film & Animation #87 ... 2m 15s
Fingerboard Worldchampionship 2009more Info at www.fast-fingers.com or www.blackriver-ramps.com Fingerboard Wordchampion 2009 "Timo Kranz" ASI Berlin represent 5m 23s
FINGERBOARDING - kickflip trick tipComments disabled. You guys need to grow up. I'm trying to help FINGERBOARDERS, as it says in the title. Learn something from it, or do yourself a favor and hit the X button at the top right corner of your browser. 2m 19s
Fingerboard ollie TutorialMusic- Central Processing Unit and Dream Machine by AudioDream. A tutorial on the steps that I took when learning how to get down ollies for fingerboards 5 years ago. Follow these steps and this will become second nature. If you want any tips on get fluidity in your tricks or runs let me know. I'd be more than happy to get down this relaxing art form. 9m 58s
Fingerboarding - PragueFingerboard video made by blackfilm.cz ,in Prague - Vyšhrad blackfilm.cz fbr.cz 3m 18s
blackriver ramps/fingerboardingfingerboarding / blackriver ramps 1m 29s
huge wave extreme surfinghuge wave extreme surfing 1m 29s
Surf Extreme HawaiiSo extreme in Hawaii 2m 10s
SURF: WIPEOUTS WIPEOUTS WIPEOUTS!Wipeouts - Classic Surf wipeouts from around the globe. Podsurftv brings you the most extreme surf, the best bone crushing waves on the planet. AT&T works in more place. At home, around the country, and around the globe.The new AT&T. Your world. Delivered. podsurf.tv** 3m 59s
Big Wave Surfing 2More big wave surfing on long and short boards delray style. A Tom Leeman Joint 4m 36s
Mavericks Big Wave Surfing 12/11/06Mavericks Big Wave Surfing 12/11/06 4m 29s
Extreme Kite Surfingwww.specialbargaincenter.com Feel the enjoyment and exhiliration of this fun extreme sport. www.nwhbargainstore.com 4m 6s
billabong odyssey surfing teahupoo tahitibillabong 7m 10s
morzine downhilldez and andy ripping it up 5m 19s
Extreme Downhill Mountain BikingHighlights of the Latin-American Urban Downhill from Cuzco, Peru. 1m 27s
Crazy Downhill RunA sweet video of a downhill/freeride on some trail some where. 2m 27s
Roam - Downhill SectionSong: Rookie - Boysetsfire. The down hill section of one of the best dvds ever... 4m 14s
extreme sports accidentextreme sports accidents. What extreme sports are about....... 3m 46s
Extreme Base Jumping in WingsuitsSome hardcore guys base jumping in wingsuits (also known as squirrel suits or birdman suits). 2m 26s
BEST BASE JUMP VIDEO!!!www.worldofwarcraft.de.am 2m 51s
BEST BASE JUMP VIDEO 2!!!pls visit www.thesagittarian.com ! http !important! Footage came from: www.jimmyhalliday.com 5m 14s
BASE Jumping CompilationWe don't normally have a lot of BASE Jumping on Lat34 but when we get some cool clips, how can we ignore it? Check out this video courtesy of Red Bull of some of their craziest BASE jumps -- with more to come. 4m 9s
Wingsuit Base Jumping== apptester.de - iPhone und iPod touch App Reviews == 1st song Contact - Violence 2nd: Diz Organ & Sackcloth Fashion - Under Man 3m 44s
base-jumpingBASE jumping is the sport of using a parachute to jump from fixed objects. "BASE" is an acronym that stands for the four categories of objects from which one can jump; (B)uilding, (A)ntenna, (S)pan (a bridge, arch or dome), and (E)arth (a cliff or other natural formation). BASE jumping is much more dangerous than skydiving from aircraft and is currently regarded as a fringe extreme sport 4m 28s
Base Jump Wing SuitSaltos de base com wing suit 6m 56s
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