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E-Type - Calling Your NameE-Type - Calling Your Name 3m 32s
Shakin Stevens - Cry Just A Little Bit(SUPERB) Everytime you have to whisper good-bye Well Icry just a little bit cry just a little bit. I know it's crazy and I don't know why But I die just a little bit die just a little bit. I need to be the one that's by your side you are the beat in my heart. My love for you is something I can't hide And I cry just a little bit cry just a little bit Cry just a little bit cry just a little bit. Every night before I'm fallin' asleep Well I pray just a little bit pray just a little bit. I pray ... 3m 10s
Dune - Hand in hand 3m 42s
David Hasselhoff - Wings Of Tenderness 3m 39s
Rednex - ShooterRednex - Shooter 3m 43s
E-Type - True Believer - Official Video (HQ)Official video for E-Type - True Believer 4m 11s
Boys Kochana Uwierz MiTeledysk do piosenki popularnego zespołu disco polo BOYS -Kochana Uwierz Mi 3m 24s
Ahmed 10m 47s
Czy ten Pan i Pani-Ania Wyszkoni-Oficjalny teledyskTeledysk do singla Czy ten Pan i Pani zapowiadający solową płytę Ani Wyszkoni wokalistki zespołu Łzy 2m 56s
DJ Saly KOBRA 11 remixDJ, Saly, KOBRA, 11, remix 4m 26s
"I Need a Hero", by Bonnie TylerEnjoy it! 4m 46s
E-Type - Set The World On Fire (Alternative video)A rare video for the legendary song Set The World On Fire by E-Type. Sorry for cropped video frame. 3m 43s
Alarm Fur Cobra 11 - Crash Mix - sezon 22Crash mix sezon 22 6m 6s
Rednex - Old Pop In An OakRednex - Old Pop In An Oak 3m 35s
Always 3m 3s
Alex Swings Oscar Sings - 2. Boom Boom Goes my Heart (NEW ALBUM)Alex Swings Oscar Sings - 2. Boom Boom Goes my Heart (NEW ALBUM) 3m 23s
OMD - ElectricityOMD Electricity 3m 32s
Disco polo - mig - co ty mi dasz?Found my videos fun and entertaining? Feel free to donate! www.paypal.com Great polish band :P:P 2m 28s
Cobra 11 Greatest crash mix ever made100 % made by me.The most intensive crashmix ever,it took me about 2 hours to make it.If you like it i'll upload some more.The best one so far. 1m 33s
Reklamy Biedronki MIXMIX reklam animowanych Biedronki ;) Visit www.Ojejku.net ! 2m 33s
Tonight - NkotbTonight - Nkotb 3m 24s
It's time to disco, kal ho naa ho (eng subt)From the movie kal ho naa ho, starring Shahrukh Khan, Saif ali Khan, Preity Zinta, hindi movie, Bollywood 5m 47s
E-Type - Angels CryingI've got all systems go nothing standing in my way I should be far down the road but I'm not Something's holding me back like a wild boar attack and I've got you by my side but you're not Do you remember when we thought there was no end a shooting star around the sky Do you remember when you were from heaven sent how far the wind could make me fly Angels crying, when you're far away from me Always trying, I will make you see Angels crying, when you're far away from me No denying, we were ... 3m 16s
Fancy - Slice me nice 4m 23s
Danio 43s
E-type - true believer (live bingolott) 2007E-type by True Believer finally :P a new single from he 3m 35s
Animotion - I Engineer (1986) 4m 4s
E-Type: Here i go againE-Type: Here i go again 3m 55s
Avalanche - Johnny Johnny Come Home '89 3m 58s
Shakin Stevens - You Drive Me CrazyYou know, Baby, when you're in my arms, I can feel your loving magic charms You drive me crazy, you drive me crazy. And when Im looking in those big blue eyes, I start afloating round in paradise, You drive me crazy, you drive me crazy. Heaven must have sent you down, Down for you to give me a thrill, Evry time you touch me Evry time you hold me, My heart starts speeding like a train on a track. I love you, Baby, and it's plain to see, I love you, honey, it was meant to be You drive me crazy ... 2m 48s
Pandora's box - OMDOMD's videoclip for their song "Pandora's box", featuring Louise Brooks in silent movie classic Pandora's box 4m 52s
Gazebo - I Like Chopin 4m 8s
cobra 11 mix 2some stunts are the same like my other movie 5m 4s
Johny English 58s
New Kids on the Block - Step By StepNew Kids on the Block - Step By Step ... New Kids on the Block Step By Jonathan Knight Jordan Joey Joe McIntyre Danny Wood Donnie Wahlberg NKOTB 4m 29s
samantha fox i only wanna be with yousamantha fox i wanna have some fun 2m 46s
Mark.OH-Tears Don't lie2 3m 36s
Haddaway-What is Love?haddaway-what is love best known from a night at the roxbury 4m 4s
SASHA - TO NIC, KIEDY PŁYNĄ ŁZY - TELEDYSK!Teledysk do pierwszego solowego singla Sashy Strunin. Piosenka "To nic, kiedy płyną łzy" niestety nie zakwalifikowała się do półfinału Sopot Festival 2009. 3m 33s
Shakin Stevens - A Letter To YouI tore my letter up I couldn't even start To tell you what's really in my heart. There's only so much that words can say So I sent you a piece of this beautiful day. Oh I want you to know that I took a rainbow And sent it off in a letter to you. Took some flowers in the spring made a sweet clover ring And sent it off in a letter to you. Took a song from the lark - the moon from the dark A spark with the sparkling dew. VVith a kiss and a hug and a whole lot of love I sent 'em off in a letter ... 3m 3s
Madonna Like a PrayerMadonna Like a Prayer ... Madonna Like Prayer 5m 5s
Pretty Woman (Kal Ho Na Ho) "With Eng Subs"An Indian Rendition Of Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman From The Movie Kal Ho Na Ho did i mention that im totaly nuts about Shahrukh Khan?????? 5m 27s
IznogoudIznogoud, El Infame, secuencia de "pretty woman"..ajja GRACIAS amigo F!!! 1m 15s
Dr Macadoo 3m 9s
E-Type - LifeE-Type - Life 3m 54s
Italo Dance Collection - Vol.01 (by Joel)DOWNLOAD the full album unmixed tracks! rapidshare.com 10m 24s
Ruski dance 4m 30s
Pada Shrek 20m 47s
Mark'Oh - United (official video)Ab 24. Juli 2009 überall im Handel Mark´ Oh kann auf eine grandiose Karriere als Pop-Star zurückblicken, die bei weitem noch nicht an ihrem Ende angelangt ist. Mark Oh hat Techno-Geschichte der 90er Jahre geschrieben und zählt zu den Großen der deutschen Dance-Landschaft. Chart-Hits wie: Tears don t Lie, Never Stop That Feeling oder "Because I love you" machten ihn weltberühmt! Im Sommer 2009 ist es endlich wieder soweit. Mark'Oh steht mit einem neuen Hit in den Startlöchern. Seine Version ... 3m 42s
OMD - Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc) 1982OMD - Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc) 1982 (with Julia Tobin as Joan of Arc) If Joan of Arc Had a heart Would she give it as a gift To such as me Who longs to see How an angel ought to be Had dreams to give Her heart away Like an orphan along the way She cared so much She offered up Her body to the grave 4m
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