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WITHIN TEMPTATION What Have You DoneFrom Within Temptation's fourth goth-metal masterpiece comes the lead single 'What Have You Done'. Featuring Life Of Agony frontman Keith Caputo as a guest vocalist this is a passionate and convincing piece sure to please fans of both Within Temptation and the goth metal genre as a whole. 4m 1s
AngelsVideo off of The Silent Force, "Angels". ... within temptation angels sharon den adel 4m 1s
Memories2nd video off of The Silent Force, Memories ... within temptation memories sharon den adel 3m 49s
Within Temptation - All I NeedBrand new video of Within Temptation, All I Need. 4m 22s
The HowlingThe Howling, Within Temptation's second single for the UK. Comes off of their album "The Heart Of Everything". ... within temptation sharon den adel howling frozen everything 4m 9s
Within Temptation- SomewhereThanks for saying it like 10000 times, I know the lyrics are wrong now, GET OVER IT! All the pics are from google and photobucket, it's really easy, you just have to search for goth or darkness and all that shizzle... Don't ask me to send one of the pics to you, 'cause I deleted all.. Video made by me All rights for the song go to: Within Temptation Sony/BMG Roadrunner Records 4m 14s
Offspring - Why Don't You Go Get a Job?"Offspring - Why Don't You Go Get a Job?" Music Video 3m 16s
The Offspring - Americana84 fun reat my fuck 3m 16s
The Offspring-The Kids Aren't AlrightThe best song by the offspring 3m 3s
Papercut-Linkin Park Official Music VideoPlease leave a comment to see more linkin park music videos of your guy's choice!!!! =D i will be more than happy to make a official music video for anyone who watches my videos please rate, Comment, And subscribe!!!!!!!! 3m 12s
Linkin Park - Numb Techno RemixNEW DOWNLOAD LINK: rapidshare.com A techno remix of Linkin Park's Numb Encore Ft. Jay-Z 3m 45s
Linkin Park - What I've Done Official Music Video (MP3 Download Link in Description!)*DOWNLOAD MP3 FREE HERE* Go to this website: www.emp3world.com What I've Done Official Music Video 3m 27s
Linkin Park In the End official music videoEnjoy :D No spamming like copy and paste FAN SITE OF LINKIN PARK!!!!!!! www.fanoflp.tk 3m 37s
Linkin Park - One Step Closer (music video)Rock on! !!One Step Closer lyrics!! I cannot take this anymore Saying everything I've said before All these words they make no sense I find bliss in ignorance Less I hear the less you'll say You'll find that out anyway Just like before... [Chorus:] Everything you say to me Takes me one step closer to the edge And I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe Cause I'm one step closer to the edge I'm about to break I find the answers aren't so clear Wish I could find a way to disappear ... 2m 54s
Linkin Park-Breaking The Habit(Official Video HD)What CARTOON SHOW IS BETTER!! www.FamilyGuyVStheSimpsons.tk 3m 16s
LinKin ParK feat. JaY-Z - NUmB EnCoreLP with Jay-Z on Live Perform 3m 31s
Linkin Park - "Leave Out All The Rest" (SUNSHINE version)"Leave Out All The Rest" by Linkin Park Unofficial Music Video by Chero www.sunshinefan.com *** When my time comes Forget the wrong that I've done Help me leave behind some Reasons to be missed Don't resent me And when you're feeling empty Keep me in your memory Leave out all the rest Leave out all the rest *** Brought to you by Sunshine Fan Online www.sunshinefan.com 3m 26s
Linkin Park - "New Divide"The official music video for New Divide, filmed on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, directed by Joe Hahn. Get the song at iTunes now. The soundtrack from the film is in stores 6/23. 4m 26s
Guano Apes - No speechno speech 3m 33s
Guano Apes-open your eyesMusic video to Open Your Eyes by the Guano apes and yes to anwser all your guys question,it is a woman singing lol 3m 6s
Fort minor, remember the name, music videoMusic Video 4m
paramore- crush crush crushArtist: Paramore Song: Crush Crush Crush Here are the lyrics if you all want to see them!! ENJOY!!! I got a lot to say to you Yeah, I got a lot to say I noticed your eyes are always glued to me Keeping them here And it makes no sense at all They taped over your mouth Scribbled out the truth with their lies You little spies They taped over your mouth Scribbled out the truth with their lies You little spies Crush, crush, crush Crush, Crush (Two, three, four) Nothing compares to A quiet evening ... 3m 21s
Paramore Misery Business Music Video (HD)Paramore Misery Business music video....request from skinnyclown click this, become my friend on swag bucks and help me and u win a huge prize swagbucks.com 3m 19s
Paramore ~ Decode ~ Official VideoDecode by Paramore on Twilight soundtrack =P Official Video 4m 13s
Papa Roach - Getting Away With MurderI think i'm going to start doing my videos like this, because, it takes less time, you still get lyrics, and since it takes less time, i get more songs for you guys. If you like it better with more songs and less quality than less songs with better quality.. just tell my your opinion. -Lyrics: Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness I need to calculate What creates my own madness And I'm addicted to your punishment And you're the master And I am waiting for disaster [Chorus] I feel irrational ... 3m 11s
Papa Roach - Last Resortlive @ Reading 4m 22s
Papa Roach-Forever with LyricsIch liiiebe das Lied ♥ Coby!♥ 4m 11s
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