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Jak sama nazwa wskazuje....Metal!!!


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Metallica-Master of Puppets

Live in Seattle 1989

Metallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium) music video

My little music video to great Metallica\'s song Welcome Home(Sanitarium)

Metallica - The unforgiven ll


Metallica-Fade To Black

Metallica Fade to Black

him - gone with the sin live


HIM wicked game

HIM wicked game

Sabaton - 40:1 Official video

Official video for 40:1 by Sabaton. This song is about the Battle of Wizna in Poland 1939 where Cpt Raginis and his brave 720 soliders defended Wizna from the nazis. Polish subtitles. Credits: Camera: Tomasz Nowak Editing: Bartek Bretes Directed by: Jacek Raginis Production: EUROWORK & STUDIES\' Cooperation: European Centre Of Solidarity

Sabaton - Metal Crue

"an other tribute to the best power-metal band ever Lyrics Take some venom and accept That you won\'t see Nazareth The rainbow leads you home Warrior sent to milky way UFO shooting gamma ray A riot of destruction Watch the rockbitch go down, vixen spread When the priest killed a maiden in the metal church Armored saints and warlocks watched the slaughter Rage of the slayer forced the pretty maids To kiss the Queen in crimson glory You were born a motorhead Bike\'s in flames you race ahead U do ..."

Sabaton - Attero Dominatus

"First Official Sabaton Video Sorry about the missing intro, aprox. 7 sec."


AC/DC - TNT Nothing more to say

AC/DC - Whiskey On The Rocks

Whiskey On The Rocks off the Ballbreaker album.

X-Japan - IV
X-Japan - Endles Rain
X-Japan - Crucify my love
"VADER \""Helleluyah (God Is Dead)\"""

"The newest VADER\'s videoclip for \""Helleluyah (God Is Dead)\"" taken from \""Impressions In Blood\"" album (out on Regain Records/ Europe, Candelight Records/ USA, Canada)"

Vader - Wyrocznia (feat. Orion)

"Vader - Wyrocznia DVD features footage from the band\'s February 12th, 2007 concert at Stodola Club in Warsaw, documenting the final stop of the group\'s tour in support of their latest album, \""Impressions in Blood\"". The show was filmed with seven cameras and includes a guest appearance by Orion, a member of two other great Polish metal acts: Vesania and Behemoth."

HIM - Beautiful

The Song Beautiful by HIM

HIM-I Love You

7th song on RazorBlade Romance (HIM album)

Manowar Kings Of Metal

Manowar Kings Of Metal Live


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