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"Mecze platformy cs , najciekawsze akcje zawodnikow z calego swiata , zapraszamy"


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CS :: Fury 3 ::

Watch in HQ/HD Suscribe! Will be uploading new new frag movies everyday. Cod4 Cod5 CSS CS DoD even Quake! [counter strike 1.6] movie cs 1.6

Counter Strike: Pub Machinima Director & TFG Impostor

"Kid in a CS1.6 public server pretends to be TFG, a counter-strike movie director (militia 2 and clan wars) and tries to get people to participate in his \'movie\' during actual pub rounds. he gets angry at the cs players in the process for not listening. Super special thanks to Mrsentual for finding this again. The internet wouldn\'t have this video if it wasn\'t for him. BTW the disclaimer at the end is not true, the demo file has since been misplaced. Made by Xanatos and the Janus Syndicate ..."

Neo with usp pistol- Counter Strike 1.6

"Filip \""Neo\"" Kubski vs The Titans and Team NoA. :P Warto obejrzeć :D"

CS 1.6 MYM on ESWC 2008 MYM on ESWC 2008

Counter-Strike 300

Counter-Strike 1.6 Get In First Aim us @ ExceedCS if you want to tryout for our team! OR connect to one of our public servers and ask an admin ip

Best Counter Strike movie 4 ever (part1/2)

" take a look please ^^ You need a motavation to play counter strike? Here is it, look & enjoy it!"

Best Counter Strike movie 4 ever (part2/2) PLEASE COMMENT!!

part1: part2:

FX doing PGA 2007 by wombatz

Submission for the movie competition 2008. Introducing Frag-eXecutors\' performance at Poznan Game Arena 2007 Lan Tournament. download high quality (Xvid) (mp4)

"Neo, Thrill - Part: 1 [Counter Strike 1.6]"

"Part 2: This video is not mine, I just disseminating. :)"

"Neo, Thrill - Part: 2 [Counter Strike 1.6]"

"Part 1: This video is not mine, I just disseminating. :)"

Frustration - Counter-Strike 1.6 Fragmovie

My first fragmovie about my and my friend\'s frags. Music: Sum41 - Still Waiting Scotty - The black pearl