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Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
Agnes - Release Me
Sonic Palms - On The Beach
Shaggy - Fly High
David Guetta Feat Akon - Sexy Bitch
Agnes - Release Me (Cahill Club Mix)
Bob Sinclar - Lala Song

"Oh Yeah What\'s up World ? It\'s Master Gee and Sugar Hill Gang, Wonder Mike and diggety i\'m here with my man Bob sinclar let\'s do it. Lalalala lalala lala lalalala lalala lalalalalala [Hen Dogg] Back, back, back in the day when the djs spoile on night. When the party fun, the mc\'s come drop..."

Calvin Harris - I\'m Not Alone

Calvin Harris - I\'m Not Alone from Ultra Records. Upcoming album is dropping on iTunes 8/18/09.

Metro Station - Shake it (Official Music Video)

"I\'ll take you home if you don\'t leave me at the front door (leave me at the front door) Your body\'s cold, but girl we\'re getting so warm And I was thinking of ways that I could get inside (get inside) Tonight you\'re falling in love (let me go now) This feeling\'s tearing me up (here we go now) Now if she does it like this, will you do it like that? Now if she touches like this, will you touch her right back? Now if she moves like this, will you move her like that? (Come on)Shake, Shake, Shake ..."

Morris - Desire (Full Version) High Quality

Music video from Morris with the single Desire

Fedo Mora & Camurri - After the rain (Club Mix)

"canzone estiva, a parer mio molto bella, che mi ha colpito particolarmente per le parole che l\'autore (nè fedo mora, nè camurri ma bob sinclair) ha utilizzato...le trovo semplicemente fantastiche e piene di significato. Ci incita ad amare, ma col cuore, sinceramente e con passione. ECCO IL TESTO DELLA CANZONE: you can reach a new life trust me, new life oh yeah you can find the sun is the real thing after the rain is always sunshine when you give your love you free your mind ooowhen you find ..."

We Love 90 ft. Jade - Right In The Night

Buy on iTunes:

Pink - Funhouse

"PINK \""FUNHOUSE\"" HD New Official Music Video Pink Sober Video Music Awards From Artist of well known hits such as Sober Who Knew Pink Please Don\'t Leave Me. Has appeared on Ellen Degeneres David Letterman and other national and world wide shows."

Kid Cudi vs. Crookers - Day \'n\' Nite (DJ DOMITEK MIX)

Mój nowy mix : Kid Cudi vs. Crookers - Day \'n\' Nite (DJ DOMITEK MIX) Zapraszam na stronę : gdzie można pobrać daną piosenkę :)

The Disco Boys - For You [Freemasons Remix]

"Freemasons Remix of \""For You\"" taken from the CD single I wrote in the video, that the name is \""Freemansons Remix\"". but it´s \""Freemasons remix\""."

Dance Nation vs Shaun Baker - Sunshine 2009 (Club Mix)

This song is Fantastic and very summer style beat. Enjoy. Please Comment and Rate.


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