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wstep [Counter strike 1.6] movie cs 1.6

Counter Strike Source Left 4 Dead Style Zombie Mod Gameplay video

Gameplay footage of me playing Counter Strike Source online with the Left 4 Dead Style Zombie Mod

Wywiad NeO z MYM o życiu i przyszlości e-sportu Wywiad NeO z MYM o życiu i przyszlości e-sportu zaraz po odejsciu Luq

Dj aligator-Counter Strike

by: lobi

Counter-Strike: SAVE KREEDZ! Register on the Steam Forums and Protest against the Update!

REGISTER AND POST HERE DOWNLOAD IT IN HQ AND UPLOAD IT TO YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT TOO PLEASE. Valve is planning to do an update that destroys the kz community. Save the Kreedz Community! Register on the Steam Forums and Protest Against The Update! Visit Also you can join the steam group: ps: hello koki Quote by NumB: KZ is so strong cuz people can jump using standard cs settings. If the update will have a cvar ...

CS :: Fury 3 ::

Watch in HQ/HD Suscribe! Will be uploading new new frag movies everyday. Cod4 Cod5 CSS CS DoD even Quake!

Counter Strike: Pub Machinima Director & TFG Impostor

"Kid in a CS1.6 public server pretends to be TFG, a counter-strike movie director (militia 2 and clan wars) and tries to get people to participate in his \'movie\' during actual pub rounds. he gets angry at the cs players in the process for not listening. Super special thanks to Mrsentual for finding this again. The internet wouldn\'t have this video if it wasn\'t for him. BTW the disclaimer at the end is not true, the demo file has since been misplaced. Made by Xanatos and the Janus Syndicate ..."

Luke Smith - I Will Survive (Counter-Strike)

"Luke Smith - I Will Survive (Counter-Strike) First I was afraid, I was petrified thought I\'d never get a frag without you by my side and then I spent so many rounds just camping out all on my own and I grew strong and now i\'m defusing the bomb and now i\'m back so shut your face you cannot play as good as me you\'re such a fat disgrace weren\'t you the one who left me playing on my own all up to me, the VIP no chance not I, I will survive, as long as I have bomber then I know I\'ll stay alive ..."

"A ride-through of NIPPER\'s de_haunts (a \""The Haunted Mansion\"" Counter-Strike: Source map)"

Game footage of NIPPER\'s de_haunts -- an incredible Counter-Strike: Source map replica of Disney\'s The Haunted Mansion. Released just in time for Halloween as part of the community\'s Halloween 2008 Map Pack! Get the map pack: Visit the community: Watch the high quality version of this video:

Counter Strike Source Pro Tip #3

This is the third tip in the series. This tip is a segment on The Get Pwned Show. The show is about professional gamers and following them and their careers. It also helps aspiring gamers learn how to get on the path to become a Pro Gamer. All footage was recording during Cevo-PT/Cevo-P Season. You can check it out at 7 pm East on Thursday at --------------------------------------- Tip #3 - Holding Inner Bombsite on De_Train This video shows my spot I play in ...

CGS\'08: CS:S - SF Optx Vs. LA Complexity Second Half Part 1

Second half of the 2008 Championship Gaming Series Counter-Strike: Source match between San Francisco Optx and LA Complexity during the North American Regular Season

When 12 year olds play counter strike....with mics.

this is what happens when 12 year olds play CS

NEW Team 3D CS movie

This is a movie that i found while looking around on a bunch of different forums. I thought that the editing was pretty sweet so i wanted to upload it to Youtube. The link to download this and more CS Music: A.06-Linkin Park Im so sick-Flyleaf Between Angels and Insects-Papa Roach.

Counter-Strike -NoA vs Emulate- [Finals WCG 2007] @ 2set

Counter-Strike Finals Match of WCG 2007 In Seattle NoA vs Emulate

Riot Finale: Counter-Strike Source Frag Video

"Watch on High Quality! Downloadable version (so you can watch it in nice 1280 x 720 resolution): I\'m happy to release this video starring myself and some of my teammates with clips from the last couple months. I hope you guys enjoy it, and please send it to your friends so more people can see it. I want to thank everyone who comments and watches my videos for your continued support. Special thanks to: -Slicke -Ekzpozed -Alpha -Predator -Lith -Peter -Grwlr -Revisited ..."

MIBR 2008 WORLD TOUR by rod [Counter-Strike 1.6]

MiBR 2008 WORLD TOUR Produced by Hard Pictures Edited by rod Sound in-game by Stinger Lenght: 7:23 Codec: XviD Size: 310mb In-game resolution: 800x600 Render Resolution: 1280x720 Frags by Stinger & rod #Programs Used: Sony Vegas 7.0 Adobe After Effects CS3 HLAE/mirv Counter-Strike 1.6 STEAM Fraps Adobe Photoshop 7.1 Musics: X Ray Dog - Timeline Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn Pendulum - Blood Sugar Incubus - I wish you were Here #Special Thanks Stingers Lokin fritz Matrizz FireSoul Neko Demoncase ...

.PhP & WT: The Reason - Pro Counter Strike Source Movie -

"From the start you can gauge the feel of this film, an energy packed soundtrack consisting of less conventional techno and drum and bass tracks suits this film nicely. The sync was well done with an exceptional emphasize made during key points in the film. The thing that will stand out the most in this film is the abundance of frags. Less emphasize was put on adding demo smooths and unnecessary transitions and more placed into keeping the excitement coming. The frags are up against some of ..."

Counter Strike - I Will Survive!!!

The parody I will survive by Luke Smith. If you want tips on CSS then please visit Blygo\'s website Also visit the Plykshow website Chow for Now!!! Wow! I didn\'t know that this would be the video with the most views. I guess people really do like Counter Strike. Put that s*** on a T-Shirt McKizar The site address in the video has now been changed to We decided to change it to something more simple. We also have a ...

Counter Strike Source Nuclear -=[ Bloodline ]=- the Day after HD 720p

Garrys Mod 10 Mod.This is My Nuke Story The Day after. Politic = No Funny ! More Movies by OndyTHX Counter Strike Source -={ Bloodline }=- HD CounterStrike Source Nuke -={ Bloodline }=- the Day after I Kill You - Sandbox 1.32 Ultra Blood - Deutsche Funny Version HD 720p Half Life 2 EP 1 Cinematic Uncut Movie SCiFi Mod Hot Alyx HD VALVe / STEAM Action Games Director\'s Cut Video HD 720p Team ...

Counter Strike I will survive

This is a music video made with garry\'s mod 9. This is a project i was working on for a while so i thought that i would finish it. The song is CS i will survive by Luke Smith. Here is the link to download this song

Counter-Strike Minute 19

a bunch of cs 1.6 clips

IFNG Stuttgart CS Highlights Season 12

Die Highlights der Counterstrike Begegnung TBH vs. Team Alternate des Intel Friday Night Games in Stuttgart vom 09.05.2008.

Counter Strike Gun Sounds

"a Nice Animated Video With Sound Fxs it Is Great watch it ot Took like A Year to Make , \""Counter strike 1.6\"" very Nice Look it or die xD"

Kungar av Counter-Strike Del 2 (Part3)

Kungar av Counter-Strike Del 2 (Part3)

cs - Piosenka z jajem
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cs- Piosenka z Jajem
cs- grzechy
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