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Dick In A Box - The Furry Version
Anthrocon 2008 news report KDKA

Local news Coverage from Pittsburgh on KDKA....My Alice Woofer shows up early into the coverage at the 37 second mark :)

LTV Torun Trailer
Anthrocon 07 - Shortwave

"Shortwave is one of my favourite Fursuiter. I like him, as I like Banshee. Both got their quality. So that\'s why I put a video of Shortwave here. I didn\'t record, edit, etc. The video ! I took this little video from BBF\'s video. He did such a nice video. Hope he will do one for 2008."

Dick In A Box - Side by Side
Anthrocon \'08

"Silentwulf along with a couple of friends and thousands of furries from around the world, attend the largest furry convention in the states, Anthrocon \'08!"

Anthrocon 2006 Fursuit Dance pt1

The dance at anthrocon 06.