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The Taxi Driver

"GTA IV y joecwild, You see them all around in Liberty City. They help you get from place to place 24/7. Taxi Drivers. They all have their own stories. Most have it easy but some have it hard. Find out what happens when one particular had it REAL hard. He was caught by the police countless times for crimes that shouldn\'t be spoken. Find out what happens when he decides to break free from the polices hands. The answer may... surprise you. This is the third video of a short series making fun of ..."

The Hot Dog Vendor

"GRAND THEFT AUTO IV By, joecwild Their are many jobs in Liberty City that are harder then others. Being an Ice Cream Man could be one or even being a hot dog vendor. Find out what happens when one particular hot dog vendor gets caught by the police for having poisoned food. The result may... surprise you. This is a sequel to the Ice Cream Man. Please watch the Ice Cream Man if you haven\'t already. The Ice Cream Man: Director\'s Channel:"

The Ice Cream Man

"GRAND THEFT AUTO IV. The ice cream man came from the heavens not to serve dairy sweets, he came to serve sweet chaos. A Machinima Short Starring the Famous Mr. Tasty Van From The Game Grand Theft Auto 4."


GTA IV : Mods by me and other guy visit: FOR MORE MACHINIMA GO TO:

GTA 4 Stunt Montage III

"GTA IV : by Ultra Ben Buja. Here it is, my third stunt montage! This time only bikes and helicopters. Enjoy!"

GTA 4 Stunt Montage - The Remix

"GTA IV : Created by BenBuja My first video for i hope you like it! This video is a remix of my previous stunt montages, which were quite succesful. Music is: Nine Inch Nails - 1000000 And a piano piece written and played by me."

"GTA 4, First person shooter mode"

"GTA IV : Director Ultra Ben Buja presents \""GTA 4, First person shooter mode.\"" Niko gets his FPS on in this stylish bloody game inside the game."

GTA 4 - Bloopers Glitches & Silly Stuff 1

Check out my latest GTA 4 Stunt Montage! Whoever guesses the right sources of the sound samples wins a free virtual cookie lol To gather virtual cookie stare at this pic for 15 minutes Honours for this video (20) #7 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Germany #3 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Entertainment - Germany #74 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Entertainment - Germany #65 - Most Responded (This Week) - Germany #14 - Most Responded (This Week ...

"GTA 4 - Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 2"

Here are some of the most painful bails that happened during the recording of my third stunt montage. Also some glitches and random silly stuff. Enjoy!

"GTA 4 - Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 3"

"GTA IV : More Bloopers, (some intentional) just a few glitches and lots of silly stuff is what you\'ll find in this video. Leave comment, rate, subscribe if you want. Music information is in the credits. Enjoy! Ben"

"GTA 4 - Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 4"

GTA IV : director BenBuja presents his fourth installment of the BG&SS series and its crazier then ever!

"GTA 4 - Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 5"

GTA IV : director BenBuja presents the fifth installment of the GTA 4 Bloopers series. Enjoy! :) Check the credits for song infos. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:

GTA4 - Scooter Brothers

GTA4 - Scooter Brothers