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Jak narysować ...


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Jak narysowac psa

Jak narysowac psa

Jak narysowac glowe kota

Jak narysowac glowe kota

Jak narysowac krolika

Jak narysowac krolika

Jak narysować sowę

Krótki poradnik: jak w szybko i prosto narysować sowę

Professional Drawing Tutorial Learn to become a professional pencil artist. This tutorial will show you how to draw the female eye. You can find more drawing tips at my website.

Jak szybko rysować postacie z filmu Simpsons

Jak szybko rysować postacie z filmu Simpsons.KAROL WESOŁOWSKI

How to easy draw- TRUCK (Caricature)

"Wiem, nudzi mi się xD"

How to draw a car. (Lamborghini)

4 hours of drawing in 3 minutes.

Sketching a Face- Basic Proportions

"It\'s been a while since my last video. The reason was that I had to wait to get my new 9x12 Intuos to replace the old 4x5 Graphire I was using for the past videos. Anyway... So I got a few requests of people wanting me to show proportions of the face and how to start it. So this is a pretty basic attempt at that. I recorded it at actual speed, but it seems really slow because I\'m still getting used to this new tablet. I\'m at least 3 times faster with paper and a pencil. Programs used were ..."

How to draw Homer Simpson

drawing by gets. plz many comments 映画公開記念!

HOW TO draw Bart Simpson (by Alho)

draw bart simpson in 30 me GONÇALO ALHO

Jak narysować kota? How to draw a cat?

Prosty film ilustrujący proces rysowania kota. Zapraszamy na stronę zwierzę How to draw a cat.

Speed Character Sketching

I do a lot of speed sketching. It really helps in getting the gears turning. No audio though. I screwed up and realized that my microphone was off and was too lazy to re-record it. See more of my art at:

quick sketch - speed painting by Scot Drake

"Artist: Scot Drake This is my first attempt to record one of my photoshop sketches. It was an experiment and it was fun. I think that this is a good drill for all artists. It makes you critique and evaluate your own processes and decisions. Prints of the girls on can be purchased at as well as other paintings Several other demos can be found at hope you enjoy, thanks"


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