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"Lubicie stare gry? Wychowaliście się na Amidze? Może Atari? Pamiętacie C64? Jeżeli tak, to znajdziecie tutaj zawsze coś ciekawego. Zapraszam do wspominania starych dobrych czasów!"


UFO: Enemy Unknown ( X-com ) - intro movie

UFO: Enemy Unknown or if you want X-COM: UFO Defense - this is the intro movie from legendary turn-based strategy game -captured by DOSBox: You can buy whole X-Com series on Steam!

Amiga game music compilation

"Here\'s a little Amiga game music compilation I made. Sorry for the slight choppiness, I couldn\'t find any way to avoid that."

Amiga - The Settlers intro

Intro to The Settlers by Blue Byte.

Amiga music tribute

Some nice tunes from this awesome system. The Amiga has the best audio of any system I\'ve ever heard. SLL2 and V42 were the first tracks I ever heard and I listened to them nonstop! It\'s hard to believe these tunes come from a computer released over 20 years ago. Enjoy! Track listing ---------------- 01.Karsten Obarski - Crystal Hammer 02.Firefox - v42 03.Chris Crowther - Captive 04.unknown - Arcane 05.World of Wonders - Echoing 06.SLL - 2-3song6 07.Troels Therkelsen - Shut Up & Listen 08 ...

Zool - Ninja of the Nth Dimension

"Sega has Sonic, Nintendo has Mario and in a way Amiga had Zool (however it got ported to every other platform at the time) but made its biggest impact on the Amiga, the first platform game on the Amiga that could compete with Sonic. Its a classic game this movie features intros from CD32 versions and clips of Zool 1 & 2. Enjoy"


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