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"Turnieje, mecze LIVE, materiały szkoleniowe, najlepsze akcje, wywiady z gwiazdami squasha!"


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Canary Wharf Squash Classic 2009 - Highlights 1
"The Queen\'s Club 2009, K.Darwish - El Hindi"
"The Queen\'s Club 2009, A.Shabana - T.Lincou"
British Open Squash 2009 Nick Matthew vs Chris Simpson

Nick Matthew vs Chris Simpson British Open Squash 2009

World Teams Squash 2009

Day Four roundup from Denmark

Razik\'s Squash Quick Tips 1 (Grip)

"The foundation of your squash game rests on your grip. Pay special attention the \""V\"" shape I make with my hand when holding the racket. Visit my site for more"

Razik\'s Squash Quick Tips 2 (Footwork)

Improve your game quickly by learning to move your feet. Take a look at how I move on the court and keep balanced no matter which corner I\'m headed into. Visit my site for more

Squash Serving Drills : Squash Serving Drills: Lobs Serve Tips

"Open the face of the racquet and hit a lob serve high off the wall. Learn how to hit lob serves in squash with tips from thisfree video on squash drills. Expert: Hill Marks Bio: Coach Hill has been teaching tennis, squash, racquetball and golf professionally for about ten years. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels"

SQUASH - Jansher \'The King\' Khan

"A video of Jansher Khan dedicated to all of his fans, specially to those who sent in requests for another video... Thanx for ur wonderful feedback and I hope u all like this one as well.. Cheers Players seen in this video in order of appearance are as follows : Jansher Khan (Pakistan) Jonah Barrington (Ireland) [initial voice-over] Peter Nicol (Scotland-England) Dan Jenson (Australia) Jonathon Power (Canada) Julien Bonetat (France) Rodney Eyles (Australia) Derek Ryan (Ireland) Ahmed Brada ..."