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[PV] Maximum The Hormone - Zetsubou BillyTomerarenai eraser rain! 3m 51s
Dir en grey - Yokanuwebe dake de ima mo kimi wo moteasonderu kimi wa nani mo kizukazu minusu ni kouru ai muguchina kimi ni muguchina ai de muguchina fukai kan wo muguchina boku ni muguchina ai de muguchina kizuato juuhachi nin me no kimi boku ni kizuite inai yasashisa ni urazuketa kouri tsuita kono ai wo shizukana kimi ni shizukana ai de shizukana kaikan koroshi shizukana boku ni shizukana ai de shizukana.... kaerenai kaerezu ni muguchina ai shizuka ni shizuka ni karameau futari kokoro muguchi ni kokoro ... 4m 39s
Nightmare - The World(Best Quality Video)Nightmare (ナイトメア) is a japanese Visual Kei band. It should be noted that there was another Japanese band by the name of Nightmare, but they were a thrash metal band from the 1980s. Formed in 2000 by Sakito (咲人) and Hitsugi (柩) both on guitar, YOMI on vocals, Ni~ya on bass/cello and Zannin on drums joined after it. In The same year Zannin decided to leave the band, and RUKA from Luinspear replaced him as an additional drummer. November 2000 RUKA became an official member. In 2001 they ... 3m 54s
Naruto OP 6 -No Boy, No Cry [Stance Punks]the full version of the naruto 6 opening 3m 7s
Konkurs wygraj konto do metin 2Konkurs wygraj konto do metin 2 www.fgmmo.yoyo.pl 30s
Pride - High And Mighty ColorOST Gundam Seed Destiny 4m 22s
Maximum The Hormone - BuiikikaesuUn Video De La Cancion Buiikikaesu De Maximum The Hormone...^^ 3m 59s
Ready, Steady Goラルク 3m 16s
Devil May Cry Anime OST Track 1 D.M.C. Beginning ThemeRead Description Please! This is the first track from the Devil May Cry Anime OST. The OST is really well done with quite a varitey of different types of music. As all of you I am sure are already aware I am a huge Anime fan and a mega fan of Asian Esp Japanese Culture In general and this was a great Anime IMO. I love the Anime of this amazing video game series and the only thing that left me wanting more was NO VERGIL :( But aside from that this was a really great anime series and it was ... 1m 53s
Konkurs wygraj konto do metin 2 :)Konkurs wygraj konto do metin 2 www.fgmmo.yoyo.pl 30s
THE FINAL - Dir en GreyThis is the song THE FINAL by Dir en Grey 4m 44s
Bleach opening 3 Clip MTV [ HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR ~~ ichirin no hana ]clip Bleach opening 3 HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR 3m 45s
Remember-Flowremember by flow 3m 20s
Futatsu No Kodou To Akai Tsumi - ON OFF (vampire knight)ON/OFF are composed of twins brothers by the name of Naoya & Kazuya Sakamoto. Naoya is the older twin. They made their debut when they starred in Fuma no Kojiro as Kou & Shoryu. They also sang the ending theme for this drama. vampire knight 4m 16s
Maximum The Hormone - Minoreba Rock [PV]Maximum The Hormone Minoreba Rock Music Video [PV] 4m 2s
Flow - Dream Expressクリップの音楽ドリームエクスプレス 5m
Konkurs wygraj konto do metin 2 XDKonkurs wygraj konto do metin 2 www.fgmmo.yoyo.pl 30s
Maximum The Hormone - Rockimpo Goroshi [PV]Maximum The Hormone Rockimpo Goroshi Music Video [PV] 4m 14s
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Remember MV with lyricsCredits: www.handmcbrasil.com Maakii!! We will miss you!! and good luck to the new vocalist Halca Edit: FYI: ok, some of you might be thinking that this is Halca singing because of her voice... but this is IN FACT Maki. This single was released at october, 2008... Maki was still in the band at that time. H&MC with Halca has yet to release a single/album, so.... wait a little more to hear her voice ^^ 4m 36s
Go - [Flow]Naruto Opening Song 4m 18s
Higurashi No Naku KoroNi ~ Full Opening songThat's exactly what it is ^__^!! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CLIPS, SONGS, OR IMAGES YOU SEE HERE; THIS IS MADE BY A FAN, FOR FANS 4m 23s
Nightmare - Raison D'être (PV)Nightmare PV for the song Raison D'être which is the opening theme for the anime Claymore 3m 51s
Akiko Shikata - 08 - うみねこのなく頃に~煉獄~ (Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rengoku~)Eighth Track on Akiko Shikata's new album, "Harmonia" named "Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rengoku~" © Copyright by: Label: HATS UNLIMITED Artist/Picture: Akiko Shikata 志方あきこ Uploaded for promotional purposes only. 4m 38s
[PV] High and Mighty Color - Hot LimitHigh and Mighty Color - Hot Limit 4m 20s
Konkurs wygraj konto do metin 2 :DKonkurs wygraj konto do metin 2 www.fgmmo.yoyo.pl 30s
Karma - Bump of ChickenKarma Music video i guess enjoy lyrics-Japanese- garasudama hitotsu otosareta oikakete mou hitotsu okkochita hitotsu bun no hidamari ni hitotsu dake nokotteru shinzou ga hajimatta toki iya demo hito ha basho wo toru ubawarenai you ni mamoritsudzuketeru yogosazu ni tamottekita te demo yogorete mieta kioku wo utagau mae ni kioku ni utagawareteru kanarazu bokura wa deau darou onaji kodou no oto wo mejirushi ni shite koko ni iru yo itsu datte yonderu kara kutabireta riyuu ga kasanatte yureru ... 3m 21s
Naruto OP 3 ...Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni [Little by Little]The full version of de naruto opening 3 2m 46s
Dir en grey - 鼓動this is a diru video, i like it, enjoy 3m 57s
onmyouza--koga ninpouchocartoon koga ninpoucho OST, the newest i guess... おぼろ 3m 59s
Nightmare varunaNightmare jrock music 4m 13s
Cool Joke - UndoVideo Del Tercer Opening Del Anime FMA 4m 7s
[PV] AKFG- Rewrite/Riraitoadded it cus i dont feel like searching for it.... 3m 47s
Whats Up People-Maximum HormoneDeath Note theme song 2 full version!!! 4m 16s
Dir en grey - OBSCURECensored version in High Quality! 4m 54s
maximum the hormone- Koi No Mega Loveri decide since so many people liked the other video of them i put up i decide to put up another ENJOY 5m 35s
Nightmare - AluminaNightmare's PV 5m 29s
Naruto Shippuden Opening 1 - Heroes Come Back (HQ)Full Version Of Naruto Shippuden 1st Opening by Nobody knows - Heroes Come Back 4m 33s
Naruto Shippuden Opening 2 - Distance (HQ)Full Version Of Naruto Shippuden 2nd Opening by Long Shot Party - Distance 3m 35s
naruto shippuden opening 5 full (downloadable) Hotaru No Hikaridownload here www.mediafire.com . . . guys as some of you know my blog is Under Construction,so there's alot of things missing but i wanna get everything ready and done so please request songs! XD if you know any good anime that has good openings and endings please comment about it! i need to get as mush openings/endings as possible by next month.... 4m 3s
Naruto shippuden op 3 full Ikimono Gakari blue birdNaruto, shippuden, op, 3, full, Ikimono, Gakari, blue, bird 3m 35s
UVERworld - D tecnolifeNO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED All Music or third party content belongs to the, Respected owners. I do not claim anything as mine. All rights reserved. 3m 49s
[PV] Asian Kung-Fu Generation - After Dark (Bleach OP 7)New Single After Dark Release Date: 2007/11/07 Full PV 640x480 Here makocci.blogspot.com 3m 25s
Aqua Timez - Alones (Bleach op 6 full)pretty sad song. It's the bleach op 6 full Aqua timeaz- aloners with english subs 4m 36s
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